Earn Interest On Your Crypto

Launching in November 2019, join our
lending program and earn interest annually


†Final interest rates will be provided at launch of program and may vary based upon type of coin and length of term selected.

Let your retirement holdings work for you by earning recurring interest payouts.

Boost Earnings with Compound Interest Effects

Gain more on the amount you have earned with compounding interest. This effect can cause significant growth of your retirement account. Earnings are accrued daily and settled monthly during the short loan term. Multiple loans in a year will allow you to earn compounding interest.

Hassle-Free Earnings

Flexible Terms
Start or cancel your crypto lending anytime with a 7 day withdrawl period. Earn interest without the worries of locking up your investment for long term lengths.

Daily Earnings
Earnings are accrued daily and paid monthly directly to your retirement account. This allows you to earn interest faster than other services to maximize your retirement growth.

Low Minimums
Start for as little as $3,000 USD. Regardless of your investment amount you are still eligible for the same interest earning rate.

Zero Upfront Costs
We do not charge any fees upfront for you to earn interest on your account. We simply take a small fee premium from our lending partner based on your interest earned.

Powered By Genesis Capital

Bitcoin IRA’s Earn program is powered by Genesis Global Capital, LLC, a Delaware Limited Liability Company with its principal offices in New Jersey. Genesis Global Capital, is the world’s largest lender of cryptocurrencies with over $3.1 billion in cumulative originations since it launched in 2018. The company allows investors the opportunity to borrow bitcoin, ether and other digital currencies in large quantities over fixed-terms. Learn more.

Take control of your retirement today.
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