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Article | Benzinga (byline)

Bitcoin’s Correlation to Fed Rate Hikes

Bitcoin IRA's Chris Kline Byline for Benzinga on Bitcoin's Correlation to Fed Rate Hike

Press Release |

Bitcoin IRA Named Winner of Best New Mobile App

Bitcoin IRA Wins Best New Mobile App Platinum Award

Article | New York Post

Crypto Investors Panic During Market Bloodbath: ‘I will lose my home’

Bitcoin IRA comments on New York Post article on Bitcoin

Article | Reuters

Cryptoverse: Buying the Dip? Bitcoin’s a Rates Rookie

Bitcoin IRA | Commentary on Bitcoin Dip Featured on Reuters

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Article | Consumer Affairs

Bitcoin Falls to 50% of All-Time High Over the Weekend

Chris Kline of Bitcoin IRA comments on Bitcoin's Recent Price Drop

Article | CBNC

3 Reasons Cryptocurrency Prices are Tumbling

Chris Kline, Bitcoin IRA comments on dropping crypto prices

Article | The Fintech Times

“Musk’s Twitter Acquisition is Good for Fintechs” General Consensus or Anomaly? Industry Reports

Bitcoin IRA Expert Thoughts on Twitter Elon Musk Acquiring Twitter

Article | The Penny Hoarder

Fidelity is Offering Bitcoin in 401(k)s: What Retirement Savers Should Know 

Bitcoin IRA Comments on Bitcoin Being Offered in Fidelity Crypto 401ks

Article | Consumer Affairs

Fidelity 401(k) Plans Will Allow Investments in Bitcoin

Fidelity to offer BTC in 401(k) | Bitcoin IRA

Article | CNBC

What Fidelity’s Big Bitcoin Announcement Means for Cryptocurrency Going Forward

Fidelity's Big Bitcoin Announcement | Bitcoin IRA

Article | Go Banking Rates

Retirement Planning Tips for Any Age, According to Experts

Retirement Planning Tips According to Expert, Chris Kline of Bitcoin IRA

Article | Market Watch

Bitcoin tanks as correlation with stocks rises, Dow drops over 600 points

Market Watch Article Quoting Chris Kline from Bitcoin IRA

Article | Protocol

What Will Turn Robinhood Around?

Bitcoin IRA quoted in Protocol Article on Robinhood

Article |

Bitcoin decoupling: Could Bitcoin break free in 2022?

Bitcoin IRA's Chris Kline speaks about Bitcoin decoupling in this article

Article | Bloomberg

Bitcoin Breakout Is Making Proponents Wary of Another Fakeout

Bloomberg article mentions Chris Kline of Bitcoin IRA

Video | Nasdaq #TradeTalks

Why You Should Consider Buying Crypto in Your IRA Account

Bitcoin IRA tells Nasdaq why to consider buying crypto in your IRA

Article | Investor’s Business Daily

This is The Best Crypto Exchange According To Consumers

Bitcoin IRA Chris Kline Comments on Crypto Exchanges for Investors Business Daily

Video |CNBC Crypto World

Bitcoin surges past $47,000 to turn positive for 2022 after weekend rally

Bitcoin IRA COO & Co-founder, Chris Kline speaks to CNBC about recent Bitcoin surge

Article |Bankrate

Bitcoin vs. gold: Which is the better inflation hedge?

Bitcoin IRA COO Chris Kline comments on Bankrate Article: Bitcoin vs. Gold

Article |Yahoo! News

Crypto exec: U.S. Labor Department ‘is right’ about 401(k) warning

Bitcoin IRA's Chris Kline on role of crypto in retirement

Video | NTD News

Biden Orders Crypto Study

Bitcoin IRA COO Comments on Crypto Study Order from President Biden

Article | Protocol

A Crypto Wallet Ban is the War’s Latest Weapon

Bitcoin IRA Comments on Crypto Wallet Ban for Protocol

Article | USA Today

Why the US Has Sanctions Against Russia and What That Means

Bitcoin IRA's Chris Kline's commentary on Russia and crypto

Article | Markets Insider

Bitcoin Donations are Pouring into Ukraine. 3 Experts Broke Down the Effectiveness of Crypto During Humanitarian Crisis

Bitcoin IRA's Chris Kline comments on Crypto Donations for Humanitarian Aid in Ukraine

Article | The Street

Here’s How Putin, Russia Could Use Bitcoin, Crypto to Bypass Sanctions

Bitcoin IRA's Chris Kline Comments on Crypto for Russia

Video |

Biden Announces New Sanctions Against Russia After Ukraine Invasion, Global Stocks and Crypto Market Brace for Choppy Session

Bitcoin IRA's Chris Kline Interview with Coin Desk

Article | GO Banking Rates

31% of Near-Retirees Are Invested in Crypto – Will This Bet Pay Off?

Article | The Street

How to Protect Your Bitcoin? Here’s a Tips Guide

Bitcoin IRA's Chris Kline comments on Bitcoin Protection Tips Guide from The Street

Article | CryptoSlate

Vitalik Buterin on Why He Welcomes the Return of Crypto Winter

Bitcoin IRA's Chris Kline comments on Vitalik Buterin's welcome of crypto winter

Video | NTD News

New Scam Crypto Coins Try to Lure Investors

Bitcoin IRA's Chris Kline featured on NTD News story about recent crypto coin scams

Article | Nasdaq

Masters of the Metaverse: Big Business, Crypto & Blockchain Technology

Bitcoin IRA | Nasdaq - Master of the Metaverse: Big Business, Crypto and Blockchain Technology

Article | dot.LA

‘Crypto is Growing Up’: These SoCal Firms Want to Bring the Blockchain to Retirement Investing

Video Segment | Nasdaq Trade Talks

The Near- And Long-Term Outlooks for Crypto And it Can Be a Part of an IRA

NASDAQ Trade Talks Features Chris Kline

Press Release

Bitcoin IRA™ Now Offers Over 60 Types of Cryptocurrencies inside your IRA

Bitcoin IRA Now Offers 60+ Types of Cryptocurrencies

Article | Markets Insider

Bitcoin’s volatility won’t shake the confidence of institutional investors, 2 experts say

Bitcoin's volatility won't shake the confidence of institutional investors, 2 experts say

Article | CryptoNews

2021 Was ‘Busiest Year by Far’ for Bitcoin IRAs, Interest in Ethereum & Altcoin Grows

2021 Was ‘Busiest Year by Far’ for Bitcoin IRAs, Interest in Ethereum & Altcoins Grows

Podcast | Money Girl Podcast hosted by Laura Adams

Crypto-curious? Or ready to add alternative investments to your retirement portfolio?


Article | Protocol

The crypto crash has people talking out about another crypto winter

Bitcoin Crash and Crypto Winter

Video | The Awakening Series

Rethinking Retirement with the Currency of the Future: Bitcoin IRA


Article | The Fintech Times

Bitcoin IRA: 2022 Expectations for Crypto as Shaped by 2021 Events

Bitcoin IRA: 2022 Expectations for Crypto as Shaped by 2021 Events

Video | Market Watch

What You Need to Know About Crypto-backed IRAs

What to Know About Crypto-backed IRAs

Article | Protocol

The Problem with Bitcoin and Inflation

Bitcoin IRA | Protocol article on Bitcoin and Inflation

Article | The Business Journals

Want to Pay Your Employees in Crypto? Look Out For These Issues

Bitcoin IRA | The Business Journals - Bitcoin Salaries for Employees

Article | Markets Insider

Bitcoin Slips to 3-month Low on Jitters Over Fed Policy Outlook and Unrest in Kazakhstan

Podcast | The Future of Biz Tech

The First, Largest and Most Secure Cryptocurrency IRA Platform

Bitcoin IRA | The Future of BizTech Podcast

Press Release

Bitcoin IRA Survey Finds That One in Three Americans Think Bitcoin Will Reach $100,000 by End of 2022

Bitcoin IRA Survey Finds That One in Three Americans Think Bitcoin Will Reach $100,000 by End of 2022

Article | Yahoo!Money

Some Older Americans Turn To Crypto To Make Up For Retirement Shortfalls

Some Older Americans Turn To Crypto To Make Up For Retirement Shortfalls

Video | CoinDesk

Why Goldman Sachs Analysts Think $100k BTC Still a Possibility

New Crypto IRA App

Bitcoin IRA™ Launches The World’s First-Ever Crypto IRA Self-Trading App

Bitcoin IRA App

Bitcoin IRA: Clients Invested Over $100 Million Dollars Into Interest Earning Program In Just 30 Days

New Bitcoin IRA Earn Program

Bitcoin IRA™ Surpasses 100,000 Users As Bitcoin Crosses The $50,000 Mark

Bitcoin IRA

Bitcoin IRA™ Offers the first IRA Earn™ Program with up to 6% APY on Cash and Crypto Exclusively through Genesis

Earn 6% interest in your IRA

Crypto Investors More Bullish Than Ever; Putting Over 50% Of Their Savings into Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin IRA Customer Survey

America’s #1 Cryptocurrency IRA Platform Announces It Reached $500 Million In Transactions

Bitcoin IRA Invest in Crypto IRA

Bitcoin IRA™ Extends Cyber Monday $100 Gift Card Offer Until Friday December 4th

Bitcoin IRA Amazon Promotion

Bitcoin IRA Retirement Program

Bitcoin IRA™ Launches New Cryptocurrency IRA Knowledge Center


Ethereum Is Available for Retirement Accounts With Bitcoin IRA™

Invest in Ethereum

Bitcoin IRA™ Survey Shows More Bullish Long-Term Investor Sentiment Today Than In June

Bitcoin Survey Results

Bitcoin IRA™ Launches An All-New Crypto Savings Program, Called Saver IRA™ For Retirement Investors

Introducing Saver IRA

Bitcoin IRA™ Adds Physical Gold To Its 24/7 Self-Trade Retirement Platform Despite Global Shortages

Physical Gold Now Available

Bitcoin IRA Launches Crypto and Cash Interest-Earning Program

Earn interest on cash & crypto

CCN: Bitcoin Retirement Volumes at ‘All-Time Highs’, Reveals Bitcoin IRA COO

Bitcoin Retirement

CoinDesk: Bitcoin IRA, BitGo Launch Insured IRA Composed Entirely of Crypto

Bitcoin IRA, a Trusted BitGo Trust Company

Bitcoin IRA Featured in Forbes Magazine

Bitcoin IRA featured in Forbes

Chris Kline, COO of Bitcoin IRA on The Crypto Cafe

Bitcoin IRA Featured on i24 News

Bitcoin IRA Featured on CNBC

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“Bitcoin IRA’s Self-Trader enables customers to buy, sell and swap cryptocurrencies directly inside their retirement accounts, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”

Bitcoin IRA Launches  The World’s First 24/7 Self Trading Platform for Retirement Accounts

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“Bitcoin IRA shows 43% of the platform’s clients expect Bitcoin price to top $15,000 by the end of 2020.”

Bitcoin Price Stalls Below $9.2K but Data Shows Investors Are Bullish

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“Bitcoin IRA has announced that Stellar Lumens is now the company’s third most popular currency.”

Stellar Lumens is Now Bitcoin IRA’s Third Most Popular Cryptocurrency

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“Bitcoin IRA has announced it is adding leading coins Stellar Lumens (XLM) and Zcash (ZEC) to its list of available digital currencies”

Bitcoin IRA Adds Zcash and Stellar Lumens to its List of Cryptocurrencies

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“ has announced the appointment of Maryann Bullion as its General Counsel and Senior Compliance Officer.”

Former FDIC Counsel Maryann Bullion Joins to Spearhead Compliance Strategy


“BitcoinIRA, a company that allows users to create retirement funds based on cryptocurrencies, is adding new options to its portfolio.”

Bitcoin Retirement Fund Provider Adds Ripple in IRA Product Update

Bitcoin IRA on Barrons

“Bitcoin: It’s a red hot asset that’s now being used as a retirement investment.”

We Need to Talk About Bitcoin


“The world’s hottest asset is the newest way to invest for retirement”

Should You Have Bitcoin in an IRA?


“We’re all buying into it therefore it’s worth something.”

[Video] i24 News features Bitcoin IRA COO, Chris Kline


“BitcoinIRA is a Bitcoin-based retirement investment company that allows people investing with actual Bitcoins for their IRA.

Bitcoin Price Fluctuations Taken Into Account When Saving For Bitcoin-Funded Retirement


“More and more savers are taking a chance and investing in something called a Bitcoin IRA.”

[Video] CNBC Features Bitcoin IRA


“The firm Bitcoin IRA is the only option for investors who wish to hold cryptocurrencies in their IRAs.

Traditional IRAs Are Coming to the World of Bitcoin


“A first of its kind, the Ethereum IRA comes from the stable of, a financial conduit that pioneered the deployment of Bitcoin as a retirement tool.”

The First-Ever Ethereum IRA is a Game Changer


“BitGo is committed to making digital currencies usable for businesses and traditional finance. In today’s post we are happy to profile our customer, Bitcoin IRA.

Add Bitcoin to your Retirement


“Bitcoin IRA enhances individuals’ returns by helping them invest in bitcoin.”

Bitcoin IRA offers free bitcoin in New York City to educate people on digital currency


“BitcoinIRA, a qualified individual retirement account (IRA), is the only U.S.-based fund approved by the IRS to allow investors to keep the digital currency Bitcoin in their retirement portfolio.”

This is the First Bitcoin IRA Approved by the IRS


“Bitcoin IRA is the first financial services company to help investors add bitcoin to their retirement funds. The company will walk you through the entire process.”

How to Add Cryptocurrencies to Your Retirement Nest Egg

Bitcoin IRA Logo Square

“Bitcoin IRA Launches World’s First Ethereum IRA.”

Bitcoin IRA Launches World’s First Ethereum IRA


“Chris Kline is here to talk about the new aspect of Bitcoin that has to offer. How to use Bitcoin for the IRA for the future, having in mind is deflationary nature. 

Bitcoin: the money that could save your future


“Planning for retirement is a daunting task for anyone. The fear of not having enough to live on after you have left the nine-to-five is a big motivator for starting to save early in your career.

Top Alternative Investments for Retirement


“Here at Bitcoin IRA, you will be working with representatives who specialize exclusively in bitcoin. Our efforts on your behalf are not divided among stocks, bonds and other types of IRA-eligible investments. ”

Bitcoin IRA launches alternative blockchain product: Fund Scan


“A Los Angeles financial services firm this week launched what’s billed as the first-ever sales of Ether in IRAs, which was immediately hailed as a “game-changer.”

Ether IRA Hailed As ‘Game-Changer’ For Mainstream Adoption


“The rising price of Bitcoin over the past two years – 123% last year and 35% in 2015 – makes it a tempting addition to a diversified retirement portfolio, even in small amounts.

Should I Open a Bitcoin IRA?


“Some of the trusted investment options for investors are Bitcoin IRA (approved by the IRS), which allows for bitcoins to be added to a retirement portfolio, Grayscale Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC), which is traded OTC (filed with SEC for a NYSE listing), and ARK Investment Management’s ETF (ARKW), which has a small allocation to bitcoin.”

How Do Bitcoin Investors Combat Price Volatility?


“Bitcoin is becoming a recognized asset class with a low correlation to other asset classes. This makes it a good option for diversifying investment portfolios with retirement accounts, and some options do exist for investing in bitcoin for retirement.”

Bitcoin Offers Diversification For Retirement Portfolios

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“, the first and only bitcoin-based retirement investment company, today announced the completion of a new milestone.”

Wall Street Journal features Revolutionary Retirement Strategy From Bitcoin IRA and Reports Bitcoin up 123% in 2016


“Bitcoin IRA is the first and only Bitcoin-based Individual Retirement Account in the United States. The digital currency company allows people to invest their conventional IRAs and 401(k)s in Bitcoin to gain much greater potential returns than the rest.”

President Bush’s Former US Director of Mint Offers a Fresh Option to Retirement with Bitcoin Investment


“With Bitcoin declared as a type of asset, it is legally possible to invest in Bitcoin as part of an IRA. Bitcoin IRA is a recognized service by the IRS.”

You Will Potentially Make $354,730 Tax Free If You Invest in Bitcoin IRA


“A Bitcoin IRA is nothing different from a traditional IRA. It is an individual Retirement Account (IRA) in which instead of investing fiat currencies, you invest Bitcoins.”

How to Get Started with Bitcoin IRA?


“Investors who wish to invest in bitcoins for the long-term can consider adding them to their retirement account through a self-directed IRA which offers a tax-efficient, low-cost and easy way to invest in real bitcoins.”

Looking to Invest In  Bitcoins? You Should Check This Out!

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“The company will offer a unique alternative to traditional IRAs for investors who are seeking to diversify their portfolio and protect their retirement savings and 401(k) plans.” Launches Revolutionary “Bitcoin IRA” Investment Product Exclusively for Retirement Accounts

Bitcoin IRA Logo Square

“The company will offer a unique alternative to traditional IRAs for investors who are seeking to diversify their portfolio and protect their retirement savings and 401(k) plans.” Launches Revolutionary “Bitcoin IRA” Investment Product Exclusively for Retirement Accounts


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