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BitcoinIRA Reviews

BitcoinIRA Reviews

In the dynamic world of cryptocurrency investment, BitcoinIRA stands out as a beacon of reliability and innovation. Let’s delve into the wealth of reviews and analyses that surround this platform, providing insights into its performance, features, and overall suitability for investors. 

BitcoinIRA Professional Reviews 

Professional reviews are essential for evaluating the credibility and performance of any investment platform, and BitcoinIRA has garnered significant attention from reputable magazines. These in-depth analyses shed light on its features and benefits, offering investors valuable insights to inform their decisions. 

Business Insider  

Business insider

BitcoinIRA emerges as the top choice among Crypto IRA platforms in Business Insider’s recent evaluation Best Bitcoin IRAs of February 2024. Positioned as the best option overall, BitcoinIRA boasts significant features, including the ability to invest in over 60 cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, seamless rollover of funds from existing retirement accounts, and secure storage with BitGo Trust offering up to $250 million insurance.  

Milk Road 

Milk Road

Milk Road’s assessment underscores BitcoinIRA’s leadership in the crypto IRA space. According to Milk Road´s publication Best Crypto IRA Companies 2024, BitcoinIRA is hailed as a market leader facilitating safe and tax-effective addition of cryptocurrencies to Americans’ retirement accounts. Its user-friendly interface, seamless rollover process, and round-the-clock trading capabilities for over 60 cryptocurrencies via the Bitcoin IRA mobile app further solidify its position as a top choice for investors.  



In its comparative analysis Best Bitcoin IRA Companies, Investopedia highlights BitcoinIRA’s easy setup, secure offline digital asset storage, and digital asset insurance of up to $250 million. Positioned as the best option for insuring digital assets, BitcoinIRA shines as a reliable platform offering peace of mind to investors.  

Wall Street Zen 

Wall Street Zen

According to WallStreetZen in its article Which is the Best Crypto IRA? iTrustCapital vs Alto vs Bitcoin IRA, BitcoinIRA stand out as the Best Crypto IRA Overall with excellent customer service, an intuitive mobile app, and more retirement account options than most other platforms, Bitcoin IRA is the leader in the space for a reason. Finally, BitcoinIRA emerges as the preferred choice for long-term investors seeking secure access to a diverse range of cryptocurrencies.  


Techopedia Logo

Techopedia’s analysis 6 Best Crypto & Bitcoin IRAs for 2024 emphasizes BitcoinIRA’s standout features, including support for over 60 cryptocurrencies and access to a $250 million insurance fund backed by Lloyd’s of London. As one of the pioneering companies in the field, BitcoinIRA offers a straightforward investment process, making it an attractive option for investors. 


  Coinweb Logo

Coinweb’s BitcoinIRA Review underscores BitcoinIRA’s commitment to diversification, tax benefits, and regulatory compliance. Beyond digital currencies, BitcoinIRA offers opportunities to invest in digital tokens within a tax-advantaged IRA, facilitating seamlessly executed transactions for investors.  


Coinledger Logo

According to the CoinLedger analysis: The Best Crypto and Bitcoin IRAs: A Comprehensive Breakdown BitcoinIRA emerges as a pioneer in revolutionizing the landscape of cryptocurrency investment within IRA accounts. With the largest user base in the industry, BitcoinIRA offers a secure platform for storing, insuring, and facilitating IRA investments, earning praise for its ease of use and reliability.  

BitcoinIRA Customer Reviews 

In addition to professional assessments, customer feedback offers valuable insights into real-world experiences with BitcoinIRA. Praised for its user-friendly interface, responsive customer support, and variety of investment options, BitcoinIRA garners positive reviews across platforms like Shopper Approved, Trustpilot and Google Reviews reaffirming its reputation for excellence. 



 1.757 Reviews 

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 671 Reviews

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21 Reviews


Shopper Approved 

Shopper Approved Logo

Aloha M. 

I am a small / first investor of Crypto. Sean Rayas at Bitcoin IRA helped me transferring the fund from my old traditional IRA to bitcoin IRA. I am getting old and not tech savvy, at all, but Sean helped me what exactly what I needed to do, and responded to my e-mails promptly despite the amount of investment is so small! He treated a guppy like me like an important client and has been very kind and patient. I highly recommend Bitcoin IRA for retirement investment 🙂 Thank you Sean. 

Rose W. 

I`m very pleased with Leslieanna`s assistance. Whenever I have questions about anything, the service I receive is very helpful and always a pleasure with speaking persons from Bitcoin IRA. All of my questions are answered and explained if I don`t understand. I really enjoy doing business with Bitcoin and often recommend your services to my friends. Thank you, your services are appreciated greatly. 

Rose White 🙂 

Abbas B. 

Great option to invest in crypto, one stop shop, to trade, custodial and service. Worked with John Candy who is extremely helpful and provided personalized options for investment! 

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Trustpilot logo

Andrea Justad 


Excellent phone support 

Every time I need a little assistance with the super secure site – changes, updates, anything (non investment related, of course), the CS team is prompt, kind, thorough and exceptional with their help. Highly recommend. 

Craig Mangum 


Bitcoin IRA Phone Support Helped Me Out! 

I needed to transfer cash from a personal IRA to my Bitcoin IRA. I had trouble setting up the transfer and Leslie Means came up with a workaround for my issue. Leslie was so nice, very accommodating and professional and we had it done very quickly. Transferring money in order to make investments needs to be done quickly and efficiently and Leslie Means at Bitcoin IRA was on the ball and got it done. I really appreciate the quick service!  



I’ve had an account since 2018 and… 

I’ve had an account since 2018 and could not be happier with my decision. I have watched other crypto IRA companies struggle with security risks and/or be shut down completely. During that time Bitcoin IRA hasn’t had a single security or regulation issue.  

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Google Reviews  

google reviews logo

Planet Crypto 


I’m a fan of BitcoinIRA; I started an IRA with them and unfortunately had to close it out due to income restrictions, but nevertheless, I was impressed with Michael and Elijah — they were both very helpful during the whole process.  If I go self-employed, I’ll probably go back and create a SEP IRA with them! 

Vanessa Ruiz 


My experience with customer services was super excellent. All the time I have question my girl Nancy Zapata always there.. never let me alone in my doubts. Excellence service 

Alex Salazar 


Their customer service is very good, I loved being able to find a person who speaks Spanish. Nancy helped me a lot, guided me through everything and made the process of starting to contribute much easier for me. 

Amy Holmes 


Super easy to establish an IRA! Easy to open the app to check current prices and check out what my account is doing! Love it!! 

John F Howes 


Could not have been easier to setup. 

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BitcoinIRA App Rating 


Google Play 

Google play

        4.5 /5

        1.9 K Reviews

App Store  

App store logo


         863 Ratings


BitcoinIRA App Recognitions 

May 2022 

Best New Mobile App platinum award 

The Best Mobile App Awards recognizes the latest apps and developers behind the product. Winners are selected via a committee of highly experienced app designers, expert developers and publishers who are dedicated to uncovering the next big player in mobile applications. 


July 2022 

Mobile Web & App of the Year award for the 2022 Globee American Best in Business Awards 

The Globee Awards are a set of business competitions organized annually. They were created in 2003 to recognize accomplishments and contributions of companies and business executives and professionals worldwide. BitcoinIRA was crowned Mobile Web & App of the Year in the Financial Services and Banking category.  


December 2022 

BitcoinIRA Wins Bronze in 12th Annual Best in Biz Awards 

BitcoinIRA was named a Bronze winner in the Executive of the Year for Small Companies category in Best in Biz Awards. Best in Biz Awards is the only independent business awards program judged each year by prominent editors and reporters from top-tier publications in North America. 

Leading the Industry 

BitcoinIRA’s leadership team, including former Chief Operating Officer and now Chief Revenue Officer Chris Kline, has provided market expert insights. These insights underscore BitcoinIRA’s commitment to education and innovation in the cryptocurrency space. 

Forbes logo

Bitcoin Halving 2024: How It Works and Why It Matters  

Bitcoin’s production scarcity is what defines its finiteness, and when reward goes down, supply is constrained,” says Chris Kline, chief operating officer of Bitcoin IRA. “Increasing demand at a time when supply is constrained has a positive impact on price, which can make Bitcoin alluring to investors.” 


cnbc logo

The spot bitcoin ETF race could quickly reach your 401(k) retirement plan. 

“It’s a big step toward mainstream adoption of bitcoin and cryptocurrency. [Investors] will have more options available,” said Chris Kline, chief revenue officer of Bitcoin IRA, which allows retirement savers to invest in more than 60 cryptocurrencies within retirement accounts”. 


Nasdaq logo

Why You Should Consider Buying Crypto in Your IRA Account 

Bitcoin IRA Co-Founder & COO Chris Kline joins Jill Malandrino on Nasdaq TradeTalks for Financial Literacy Month to discuss why you should consider buying crypto in your IRA account. 


Coindesk logo

Bitcoin IRA Survey Shows 1 in 3 Americans Think BTC Will Reach $100K by End of 2022 

BitcoinIRA Chief Operating Officer Chris Kline dives into some key findings from its crypto investors survey for the start of 2022. Kline says highlighting inflation was the leading reason for retirement investors flocking to the crypto space. Plus, why one in three Americans think bitcoin price will reach $100,000 in 2022 in his survey. 


blockworks logo

Bitcoin and IRAs: Friends with Tax Benefits 

“The older demographic is investing in cryptocurrency through self-directed retirement accounts due to a desire to catch up on retirement funds, inflation fears and tax benefits,” according to Bitcoin IRA chief operating officer and co-founder Chris Kline. 

BitcoinIRA stands as a trailblazer in the realm of cryptocurrency IRAs, offering investors a reliable and user-friendly platform to diversify their retirement portfolios. If you’re considering venturing into the world of cryptocurrency IRAs, BitcoinIRA presents a compelling option to explore.  

Where to open an Account? 

You can open an account here or by contacting customer support at 866-570-1947, sending an email to [email protected] or scheduling a call with a BitcoinIRA Specialist.   

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