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Why Investors Bank on Bitcoin Instead of Social Security | Bitcoin IRA

Bitcoin IRA | Bitcoin vs Social Security

Whether you are 30 years away from retirement or three, planning for your senior years was something that the U.S. government thought it could help with.

The Social Security (insurance program) was brought forth by the Social Security Act of 1935 as a general welfare effort to help provide economic security to retired workers and their families. It was in 1940 when Americans began to receive these benefits and the social security system provided retirees with the fixed monthly income that we know of today.

Since then, multiple administrations have engaged in talks about altering or removing the system altogether. Because the future of the social security system is not written in stone, many American workers have taken matters about their retirement income into their own hands by investing in self-directed IRA accounts, managing their own stocks, as well as by contributing to 401(k) and alternative retirement plans.

Investors who were managing their portfolio of stocks and bonds between 2009 and 2019 found that, for the most part, most assets increased in value. Once the economy hit a period of higher inflation, some investors of all ages began considering other asset classes as alternative investments, like cryptocurrency.

Who is Investing in Cryptocurrency

Younger investors (within the Gen Z category) have started seeing long-term benefits when investing in cryptocurrency, expecting to hold it in their portfolio for five or more years. For millennials, 46% surveyed by 2021 Engine Insights report that they believe they can become millionaires by investing in crypto.

And, while Gen Z’ers and millennials are out-buying other generations in crypto investments, Gen X is out-spending by almost $1,000 per year.

While the risks of investing in cryptocurrency include competition, cyberattacks and changing regulations, the potential long-term benefits have, so far, shown promising potential growth for investors.

Using Cryptocurrency in a Retirement Program

By taking advantage of self-directed accounts, some investors may opt into a program that allows them to buy, sell or trade cryptocurrency.

Utilizing a self-directed IRA for your cryptocurrency investment strategy may offer some tax advantages, such as helping you to avoid capital gains taxes by deferring taxes on your crypto investments held in your IRA. For instance, when the price of a cryptocurrency increases by large percentages in a short period, you may be less likely to pay a tax rate of more than 20% on the gains you’ve earned.

Among other benefits of holding and trading cryptocurrency in an IRA account is that it has the predisposition to hedge against inflation, like gold. This is due to the finite or limited supply of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in addition to the fact that crypto isn’t tied to one country’s economy.

When you’re ready to give cryptocurrency investing within your IRA a shot, the key is finding a custodian that offers you alternative investments in addition to that of traditional asset classes that are accessible directly within your IRA.

Adding Bitcoin Investments to your IRA Portfolio

Innovative investment platforms, like Bitcoin IRA, offer users alternative investments as a solution to augment their potential, future social security income.

Bitcoin IRA makes the process simple for one to open a new IRA account and roll over funds from an existing one. Bitcoin IRA helps you to open a tax-advantaged* IRA account that allows you to invest in alternative assets, like cryptocurrencies. The platform can also be accessed on mobile devices, allowing for 24/7 trading and easy access to your IRA dashboard.

*Some taxes may apply. We recommend you consult your tax, legal, and investment advisor.


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