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Upcoming features for BitcoinIRA customers after integration

Upcoming features for BitcoinIRA customers

In the coming quarters, we are poised to introduce an enhanced iteration of our platform, incorporating notable improvements in trading features for BitcoinIRA customers. As we announced on November 15, 2023, BitcoinIRA recently acquired in a move towards providing a secure retirement for the modern age.  

BitcoinIRA, is proud to declare the purchase of part of our strategic initiative. 

This acquisition is the starting point to provide Americans with an amplified selection of retirement planning and investing tools that include digital asset investing from their retirement accounts.

Key Sections:

Features for BitcoinIRA customers after integration.

In the following quarters, we will launch an upgraded version of the platform which will include some of these progressed trading feature improvements: 

  • Portfolio Rebalancing: Effective portfolio management in cryptocurrencies involves rebalancing to maintain desired asset allocations. This strategy, essential for a consistent distribution, entails trading coins to align their values with predetermined percentages within the portfolio, accommodating fluctuations in coin prices. 

This strategy capitalizes on rapid price changes, can potentially boost overall gains compared to popular strategies such as the HODL” approach 

Two primary rebalancing strategies are periodic adjustments at shorter intervals and threshold-based adjustments triggered by deviations from target percentages. The former ensures timely portfolio adaptations in the fast-paced crypto market, while the latter offers flexibility in portfolio distributions, preventing excessive deviations without relying on absolute percentage changes. This relative percentage approach ensures consistency in triggering rebalances, even in portfolios with diverse asset allocations. 

With this new feature, BitcoinIRA clients will be able to automate asset reallocation to consistently align their portfolio with their retirement objectives, this way every rebalance will be precisely executed by using smart order routing engine.  

  • Dollar-Cost AveragingDollar-cost averaging (DCA) is an investment strategy minimizing risk by regularly injecting funds into a portfolio. This strategy facilitates the prompt detection and allocation of funds into a portfolio, ensuring a distribution that aligns with the target allocations for each asset in the portfolio. Here’s how it works: 
  1. Deposit Detection: DCA triggers when a deposit is detected, occurring at regular intervals. Funds deposited are recorded for subsequent trades.
  2. Allocating Funds: Deposited funds are distributed based on current and target portfolio allocations. Proportional distribution is used if reaching target allocations with deposited funds is not feasible. 
  3. Trade Execution: Calculated trades are executed to reach the target portfolio; any remaining funds are left in the deposited asset.


Imagine a $100 portfolio with 5 assets (BTC, LTC, ETH, XRP, BCH) each asset initially valued at $20 (20% of the portfolio). If the owner adds $100 more and aims for the following target allocations:

    • 30% BTC
    • 25% LTC
    • 20% ETH
    • 15% XRP
    • 10% BCH

The resulting dollar-cost averaging distributes funds, will be the following:

    • $60 BTC
    • $50 LTC
    • $40 ETH
    • $30 XRP
    • $20 BCH

This approach ensures the final portfolio aligns closely with the specified target allocations.


    • Immediate fund distribution.
    • Reduces trade frequency, potentially minimizing taxable events and rebalancing needs.
    • Mitigates trading fees and simplifies portfolio management.

This way, every time funds are deposited into an account, we will automatically inject those funds into your portfolio with the desired allocations. BitcoinIRA clients will get access to these tried-and-true investment tactics, reimagined for the digital investment landscape.  

  • Stop Loss Orders: A portfolio stop-loss differs from individual trading pairs, focusing on the entire portfolio’s value. When the stop-loss threshold is breached, the entire portfolio is sold for a stable asset, preventing significant losses during market downturns. 

Loss prevention prevents portfolio losses during market crashes. Especially useful for sudden declines, like the 2020 crash when a -5% stop-loss would have limited losses to -5% instead of -50%, finally triggered stop-loss suspends rebalances until reactivated. 

This upcoming feature, available for our customers to choose, will instill an extra layer of security to shield your investments from drastic market downturns.   

  • Trade History Downloads & Advanced Reporting: Through this feature you will be able to check and download your detailed trade history. The history will include comprehensive information like asset details, date, time, amounts and prices, aiding in performance analysis and informed decision-making. 

This feature can be particularly helpful if you want to analyze your trading history or keep track of your portfolio’s performance over time.  

BitcoinIRA customers will be able to gain comprehensive insight into investments with analytics and transparency. 

Constructing the Future with the Creators of 

The founders of will become part of the BitcoinIRA executive team, amplifying the anticipation. Their proficiency in the field and progressive attitude to digital asset management will be essential as BitcoinIRA forges ahead with its progressive concepts in the retirement world.  

Michael McCarty, co-founder of, expressed his delight at the new partnership between and BitcoinIRA. He stated “The team at couldn’t be more thrilled to join forces with BitcoinIRA. With their brand strength, reach, and trust, we see boundless opportunities ahead. Our collective mission has always been to help Americans secure their future through digital assets, and we’re honored to continue that journey with BitcoinIRA”. 

For those already using, an effortless changeover is available and clients who meet the standards of will be shifted to the more extensive services of BitcoinIRA.  

A Glimpse into is a groundbreaking technology provider in the crypto and blockchain sectors, offering essential services and enhancing features to allow users to put money into crypto with great ease. This platform has obtained a great track record of managing over $1 billion in assets at its highest point, so it is a reliable companion when it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies. offers an easy-to-navigate platform which has the resources to aid in setting up a diversified investment approach. Through the usage of, you will be able to observe various metrics regarding the performance of your cryptocurrency portfolio. Furthermore, it also provides a comprehensive dashboard which allows you to monitor, study, and comprehend your investments. As a result, provides you with the necessary tools to take control of your financial destiny. 

If you’re interested in learning more about and its selection of crypto investing tools, please check out  

Final Thoughts  

We are excited for what is coming, early 2024 will bring exclusive access to BitcoinIRA customers to a range of features that surpass anything previously available in the digital retirement market. 

Camilo Concha, BitcoinIRA’s Co-founder, noted that “Our acquisition of marks an inflection point in the sophistication of the alternative and digital retirement space, right at the time where more experienced investors are warming up. We’ve had more and more clients demanding these tools over the last 18 months and we are excited to break new ground in the industry. BitcoinIRA has been at the forefront of this industry – this is more than just a step forward, it’s a quantum leap for the future of digital asset retirement accounts”. 

Digital Trust, a trust company licensed and regulated in Nevada, has partnered with BitcoinIRA. “We are thrilled to be utilizing the advantages of to become the top trust company of the digital age,” stated Theresa Fette, Co-Founder of Digital Trust. 

Mike Belshe, the CEO of BitGo, had a positive reaction to the recent acquisition of BitcoinIRA, noting their dedication to creating retirement options for American citizens. “It is an honor to be the only partner with BitcoinIRA on retail Crypto IRA accounts, and we are thrilled by their ambition to help Americans Retire.” 



Cryptocurrencies are highly speculative and bring with them a high level of risk. To read more about this, please refer to the disclosure documents available at The parent company of both BitcoinIRA and is WAO Fintech, LLC; with the latter being operated by WAO Technologies, an offshoot of WAO Fintech, LLC. A retirement account that operates with Bitcoin is offered by Bitcoin IRA.


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