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Mid-year Update


Bitcoin IRA is the premier service provider for digital asset IRAs, with 24×7 online trading access, facial recognition security, and $100 million of insurance on assets under custody.
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Year-to-Date Returns: Crypto vs. Stocks, Real Estate, and Commodities

Bitcoin Stats:


*Reflects performance of $50,000 invested on 1/1/2019, less 13.5% initial conversion, assuming custodial fees paid outside IRA.

Bitcoin Halving – May 2020

Table source: Forbes

The first halving occurred in November 2012, when 1 BTC went for around $11 USD.
The following year, the price began to climb dramatically, reaching a new all-time high of over $1,100 in
Source: Forbes


Fed. Chair Powell Speaks

“Really almost no one uses Bitcoin for payments – they use it as an alternative to gold. It’s a store of value, a speculative store of value, like gold.”
Source: Business Insider

Kelly Loeffler – Bakkt CEO

One year ago, we announced our ambitious vision to bring institutional infrastructure to digital assets with an end-to-end regulated marketplace. That vision will be realized on September 23
Source: Medium

Emerging Security Threats – Click Here to Set Up Biometric Security within your account

I lost north of $100,000 last Wednesday. It evaporated over a 24-hour time span in a “SIM port attack” that drained my Coinbase account.
…I have zero appetite; my sleep is restless; I am awash in feelings of anxiety, remorse, and embarrassment.”
Source: Medium

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