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BitcoinIRA Fees

BitcoinIRA fees

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Ready to add crypto to your retirement plan? BitcoinIRA is the world’s first and most trusted Bitcoin IRA platform, trusted by over 170,000 users. It empowers you to diversify your portfolio with 24/7 self-trading and industry-leading security¹. But understanding fees is key. Let’s dive in and make sure BitcoinIRA aligns with your crypto IRA goals! 

What is included in BitcoinIRA fees? 

1. Buy & Sell Online 24/7: Trade anytime, anywhere. Buy and sell crypto instantly with BitcoinIRA’s user-friendly platform.  

2. Innovative Mobile App: BitcoinIRA’s mobile app (available for iOS and Android) empowers you to buy, sell, and swap cryptocurrencies directly within your self-directed IRA. Enjoy the freedom to manage your investments anytime, anywhere, directly from your phone.  Thousands of satisfied users have given the app a stellar 5-star rating, a testament to its user-friendliness and convenience. These are some of its powerful features:

  • Enhanced Security: Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) adds an extra layer of protection for your investments. 
  • Strategic Trading: Set conditional orders to buy or sell at specific price points, ensuring you capitalize on market opportunities. 
  • Stay Informed: Receive timely price alerts for your tracked assets, allowing you to react to market movements with confidence. 
  • Organized Tracking: Monitor all your crypto holdings and watchlists in a single, convenient location. 

3. Up to $700M in insurance coverage²:  Enjoy peace of mind with BitcoinIRA’s exclusive $700 million custody insurance through BitGo. This industry-leading coverage surpasses what any other Crypto IRA provider offers, ensuring your assets remain safe and secure. 

4.  Industry Leading Security³ for Your Crypto IRA: BitcoinIRA prioritizes your crypto’s safety with industry-leading security features. Here’s what set it apart: 

  • Military-Grade Cold Storage4: Your assets are secured offline in geographically distributed locations, eliminating the risks associated with online wallets and exchanges. 
  • BitGo Partnership: BitcoinIRA utilizes BitGo, the world’s largest Bitcoin transaction processor, renowned for its robust security. 
  • Multi-Signature Technology: Multiple keys are required to access your funds, eliminating single points of failure and enhancing accountability. 
  • 24/7 Account Management: Trade with confidence knowing your assets remain secure, even while you manage your account online. 
  • Continuous Security Enhancements: BitcoinIRA remains vigilant, constantly adapting its security measures to stay ahead of evolving threats. 

Invest in your future with confidence, knowing your crypto IRA is protected by the industry’s best security practices empowers you to make informed investment decisions and build financial security for the long term. 

5. Tax-advantaged investing: Grow your retirement tax-free5 within a qualified IRA. Unlike traditional investment accounts, qualified IRAs allow your digital assets to appreciate tax-free until retirement. This can be a significant advantage for crypto enthusiasts, as cryptocurrencies are typically subject to capital gains taxes when sold. 

6. Investment insights: Stay informed with live price tracking, portfolio performance reports, and educational resources. 

7. 60+ Assets Portfolio: BitcoinIRA goes beyond Bitcoin. Build a robust retirement portfolio with access to over 60 cryptocurrencies, allowing you to diversify your holdings and mitigate risk. This wide selection empowers you to craft a personalized investment strategy for a secure financial future. 

8. White-Glove Customer Service:  BitcoinIRA prioritizes your experience with dedicated, top-rated live customer support. Each client is assigned a personal specialist to answer any questions and guide you through your retirement journey. 

9. Trusted by Industry Leaders: BitcoinIRA has been recognized as a top choice for Crypto IRAs by leading financial websites like Investopedia and Business Insider. This recognition reflects our commitment to security, diversification, and a user-friendly experience. 

Ready to Get Started? 

Open your BitcoinIRA account in just 3 easy steps and start trading crypto within minutes! Here’s how: 

Diversify your retirement portfolio with the most trusted and secure Crypto IRA platform. 



1,4,5.  Security, storage, wallet providers, and insurance may vary based on asset chosen and custody solution available.  

  1.  Please note, your deposit fee may be slightly higher or lower.
  2. Some taxes may apply. We recommend you consult your tax, legal or investment advisor.

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