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Here at Bitcoin IRA, you will be working with representatives who specialize exclusively in bitcoin.  Our efforts on your behalf are not divided among stocks, bonds and other types of IRA-eligible investments.


Some investors might want to invest in stocks in the hope of enhanced returns.  They could easily wind up disappointed if these stocks perform poorly during setbacks in the global economy. Recession, unemployment, depressed oil prices and China’s currency devaluation have all proved disastrous influences on stock prices.

Because bitcoin is a new currency, it’s less tied to (and less inhibited by) the U.S. dollar. It moves according to a more independent momentum – one based primarily on expanded use, and on the increased number of vendors who accept bitcoin for transactions.

The dollar, on the other hand, is the global economy’s principal reserve currency. As such, it’s highly sensitive to weakness in the world economy. Commodity-exporting countries paid in dollars have relied on the greenback to boost their economies. A faltering dollar invariably holds serious economic consequences for them.

The greenback is also intimately linked to the stock market. It’s no accident stocks and stock funds have been traditionally labeled “dollar denominated.” With notable exceptions, stocks are vulnerable to a weakening dollar.

During the Great Recession of 2008, and again early in 2016, investors in stocks lost considerable value in their portfolio – but not only because of a wavering dollar. Oil prices have dropped dramatically in 2015 and in 2016 as part of an overall drop in commodity prices and worldwide easing up of demand.

At this point in its history, bitcoin could be considered the ideal hedge against the dollar. While consumer transactions in bitcoin are rapidly increasing, international trade is carried out principally in dollars. Because of its financial independence, bitcoin effectively hedges the dollar reaction to a softening world economy.

Some investors might prefer gold as a hedge for their IRAs.  While gold offers an investor safety and longevity, it doesn’t offer the speculative, dramatic upward potential of bitcoin.

Gold has a negative correlation to the dollar, and can provide an effective safe haven when the dollar slides or the world economy contracts. Because of its independence from the dollar, bitcoin can serve as a similar hedge – but with the enhanced possibility of an upward spike and, therefore, greater returns Bitcoin and gold, can serve as complementary hedges to protect against losses, as investors prepare for retirement.

You should periodically calculate whether you’ll have sufficient funds in your IRA or 401K when it comes time for you to take distribution. You continually want to make sure you have ample funds for your retirement years.

As bitcoin’s use expands globally year after year, it stands an excellent chance to increase in value substantially. So does the value of a bitcoin IRA account.

Now is an excellent time for you to get started in a bitcoin IRA.  As an early IRA investor in bitcoin, you’ll have a head start on a robust growth opportunity.

Getting started is easy.