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Top 10 Places to Travel as a Bitcoin Investor


Over the past 7 years, Bitcoin has become a global currency.  Although it can be difficult to source places to spend Bitcoin, Bitcoin ATMs (BTMs) offer liquidity to Bitcoin investors.  Bitcoin ATM production stagnated after 2014, but on Tuesday, Rubix by Deloitte unveiled its first BTC in Toronto, which could signal continued growth.  This article visits the top 10 places to travel, based off of quantity of  ATMs, for the adventurous Bitcoin explorer.


Source: Coin ATM Radarshutterstock_57571180

1. New York City, United States: New York City is the hotspot for Bitcoin ATMs with a whopping 75 available BTMs.

2. Toronto, Canada: Toronto is a close second to NYC with a BTM count of 69.  Given Rubix by Deloitte’s recent move, this number could change in the future.

3. Chicago, United States: Chicago, arts hub of the U.S. has 41 BTCs.

4. L.A. Area, United States: The L.A. area is a sprawl, but with 41 BTCs, a Bitcoin investor should be able to access cash in a hurry.  Just don’t get caught in traffic!

5. Atlanta, United States: Travel to Atlanta, capital of Georgia.  In this city, BTC shutterstock_370728353investors can find 25 places to buy or sell BTC using other currency.

6. London, United Kingdom: Hop across the pond and you’ll find 23 BTCs in London.
7. Vancouver, Canada: Vancouver continues the trend of a well-represented North America.  21 BTCs can be found in this northern city.

8. Hong Kong, China: Although Hong Kong is the first city from Asia represented with 13 BTCs, investors can also look to Japan, the Philippines, and Thailand, among other potential travel places.  shutterstock_144116347

9. Switzerland: Switzerland has 13 BTCs.  Although this may sound like a small number for the entire country, Switzerland is approximately 3 times the size of Los Angeles County, making it a prime candidate for a Bitcoin investor to cash out, given the high density of BTCs spread across major cities.

10. Barcelona, Spain: Barcelona has 9 BTCs.  Again, this is not a huge number, yet Barcelona has rail access to Valencia, Bilbao, and the beautiful Madrid, which all have 3 BTCs.

Although these cities represent the high quantity areas for BTCs, BTCs are on 5/7 continents (Africa and Antarctica have not yet adapted BTCs.)  8/10 of the world’s largest cities have BTCs within the city limits.

Sources hyperlinked within text, special thanks to Coin ATM Radar  for providing the bulk of the BTC data.

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