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BitcoinIRA Mobile App Features

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The BitcoinIRA mobile app is optimized with powerful features to empower your retirement savings, trading, and HODLing needs. Read on for the top features and capability of the BitcoinIRA mobile app.

Tax-Advantaged Crypto Investing Inside Your IRA

The BitcoinIRA mobile app provides convenient access to individual retirement accounts that offer unique tax advantages. These advantages can be amplified when you consider the historical outsized appreciation of cryptocurrencies. Easy, on-the-go access to your holdings, always at your fingertips, means you can monitor your portfolio and (potentially expedited) progress toward retirement anytime.

Buy, Sell, and Swap With 24/7 Self-Trading

Unlike traditional finance and legacy investment vehicles, crypto never sleeps. That also goes for the BitcoinIRA app, which helps you invest in new coins, sell off portions of your holdings, or trade crypto-to-crypto day or night. Anytime access to digital assets is key for those seeking to take maximum advantage of the market.

Easily and Securely Place Trades

Bitcoin IRA’s #1 priority is the security* of your digital assets. Through an exclusive partnership with BitGo, most client assets are protected by robust security features, including multi-signature digital wallets and qualified custody. This ensures peace of mind for crypto investors on both desktop and the BitcoinIRA mobile app.

Personalize Your Trading Experience (Watchlists, Light/Dark Mode, and More)

Watchlists let you zero-in on the assets you hold, track, and care about, while display customizations such as light and dark mode optimize your experience day or night. Watch what you own or want like a hawk, and ignore the rest.

Powerful Tools Like Price Alerts, Advanced Charts, and Multi-Coin Trades

Experienced users or traders can harness the power of advanced chart information and price alerts to make precision moves and multi-coin trades. Of course, long-term holding is the key to any successful retirement plan, and the performance of cryptocurrency renders the classic strategy even more powerful. Still, through bull and bear cycles or otherwise, it’s important to stay alert and informed, and the BitcoinIRA mobile app can help.

Secure Access Through Face ID and Biometrics

Face and fingerprint biometric security (or a good old-fashioned PIN if you prefer) keep your digital assets secured on your device, peace of mind at maximum, and stress at minimum. View your portfolio balance, holdings, and other information at any time simply by accessing the BitcoinIRA mobile app.

Protected Trading With 2-Factor Authentication and $250M of Insurance*

Two-factor authentication keeps your account credentials safe using industry-leading security, while $250M of insurance and asset-protection stand behind partner BitGo’s cold storage digital asset custody for most coins. This means your crypto investment is safe-and-sound, rivaling (and even outdoing) the protection banks and traditional offerings make available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I download the BitcoinIRA mobile app?

Search the app store on your device for “Bitcoin IRA” to find the mobile app. You can also directly view or download our Android and iOS apps.

Can I place a trade from the BitcoinIRA mobile app?

Yes, you can trade over 60+ cryptos while on-the-go from the app.

Is the BitcoinIRA mobile app safe?

Yes, the app provides high-end protection through military-grade security* features.


*Security, storage, wallet providers, and insurance may vary based on asset chosen and custody solution available.

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