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Top Crypto YouTubers & Podcasts To Follow

Top Crypto Podcasts to Follow

If you’re just getting involved in the crypto space, you’ll want to educate yourself via some of the industry’s greatest minds. We’ve compiled a list of the top 8 YouTubers and podcasts focused on cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, and blockchain to assist you in understanding and investing in Bitcoin.


The Moon

The Moon is a Bitcoin-focused channel that breaks down trading and tech for traders new and the experienced alike. He emphasizes both technical and fundamental analysis but also shows viewers how to trade on different exchanges. If you want to invest in Ethereum or find other cryptos to invest in, The Moon focuses on it all. He even breaks down his trades, providing a template of which new Bitcoin investors can learn from.

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Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Another mainstream crypto face, Andreas Antonopoulos, has written books and attended talk shows related to Bitcoin. His channel features multiple playlists on the basics of crypto, wallets, and mining. If something is worth talking about, Mr. Antonopoulos has a beginner-friendly video to break it down. Antonopoulos prides himself on being unbiased, and he loves going into the human psychology behind crypto investments.

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What Bitcoin Did

Hosted twice a week by crypto influencer Peter McCormack, the What Bitcoin Did podcast interviews experts of all different industries, discussing Bitcoin from a historical perspective as well as a financial one. His guests – some of which feature on this list – explain decentralization, censorship, altcoins, Bitcoin’s economic impact, and much more. The program was featured on major cryptocurrency organizations, including Kraken, BlockFi, Casa, and Exodus.

The show is beginner-friendly but appeals to experts just as much.

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Ivan on Tech

Recorded every morning religiously, Ivan on Tech is a Swedish YouTuber uploading daily videos on cryptos to invest in. If you’re wondering whether or not to invest in Bitcoin or invest in Ethereum, his content has it all. Each video is easy to watch as Ivan discusses trading patterns, the fear and greed index, and reads listener mail. Ivan is great at engaging his community and getting them involved in the project, building him a significant following over time.

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Altcoin Daily

If you’re interested in frequent cryptocurrency videos on news, market analysis, education, and opinions, then Altcoin Daily is the channel for you. They believe in the free-market approach when it comes to cryptocurrencies, the idea that people should be able to use crypto as they wish. Some of their most popular videos revolve around cryptocurrency news updates and technical trading patterns.

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Crypto Casey

Crypto Casey details cryptocurrency news in her weekly recaps. Featuring high production values and a wealth of knowledge, her videos are the best way to catch up on the crypto news. She also has a beginner’s guide for viewers new to the space. For investors looking to invest in cryptos besides Bitcoin, or find out more regarding blockchain technology, Crypto Casey discusses these concepts in detail alongside the weekly recaps.

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Unchained Podcast

The Unchained Podcast differs from others on this list in one significant factor: its host, Laura Shin, doesn’t hold crypto. While that might be off-putting at first, her lack of investment doesn’t make her less of an expert. Shin was the “first mainstream journalist to cover crypto full-time.”

Shin has a background at Forbes and still contributes there from time to time. She also runs another crypto-focused podcast and is releasing a book on the topic. Possible best of all, her podcast features Vitalik Buterin, one of the co-founders of Ethereum.

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Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano

Referred to as “Pomp,” Anthony Pompliano is one of the mainstream faces of crypto. He’s often talking Bitcoin on national news, telling the world to invest in Bitcoin. He’s also known to break down blockchain technology like smart contracts as well. As a successful entrepreneur himself, Pomp also provides traditional investment advice, intersecting it with crypto. Examples include investing in a Bitcoin IRA and how to manage money during a recession. His opinions were featured in many publications, including CNBC, CNN, and, of course, his podcast.

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