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A Good 2019, A Better 2020


Bitcoin is still continuing to produce record returns for investors.

In the last 5 years…

The return on real estate was 35%.

The return on the S&P 500 was 63%.

The return on cryptocurrency was over 2,185%.

In 2019 alone, Bitcoin’s return was 4x greater than the S&P and over 32x greater than the real estate market.

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2020 is also looking to be another record year for the crypto market, with the launch of Libra, China’s digital currency, Starbucks’ crypto payment processing, and, of course, Bitcoin’s halving. And that’s just the first half of the year. If that weren’t enough, take this 2020 price projection from former gold analyst and famed Bitcoin enthusiast, the pseudonymous Plan B, for instance…

So, ask yourself this: Why haven’t you invested?

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