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Why You Should Consider Investing in a Crypto Retirement Account


A crypto retirement account has proven to be a popular investment among people seeking market-beating returns. Benefiting from this alternative investment, however, requires knowing how it works, and its advantages for your investment goals.

BitcoinIRA reveals how to benefit from investing in crypto for retirement, factors to consider when choosing a crypto retirement account, and the details on how they work. Knowing these details could make your retirement more comfortable.

How Do Crypto Retirement Accounts Work?

Investors cannot own cryptocurrency in a standard individual retirement account (IRA). To save for retirement using crypto, investors must instead use a self-directed IRA. These accounts enable investments in alternative assets such as cryptocurrencies.

A crypto IRA follows the same rules as a standard IRA. The only difference is that you invest in cryptocurrencies instead of traditional assets such as stocks and bonds. You can set up your crypto retirement savings to follow the same treatment as a Traditional or Roth IRA.

Your annual contributions are limited to $6,500, or $7,500 if you’re 50 years or older. You also can make tax-deductible contributions or opt for a Roth IRA to enjoy tax-free withdrawals in retirement. 

Holding cryptocurrencies in an IRA typically exempts you from paying taxes on capital gains. 

Because a self-directed account is actively managed, you need a custodian to safe-keep your assets and ensure you comply with IRS regulations. Choose a reliable IRA platform for purchasing cryptocurrencies, and research their insurance offering.

Benefits of Crypto Retirement Accounts

Including cryptocurrencies in your retirement savings enables you to enjoy several benefits.

Growth potential

The crypto market’s volatility has provided significant returns to investors. Although some cryptocurrencies have provided 1,000% returns in several months, yields on a crypto retirement accounts can be more conservative while often still beating the market.


Cryptocurrencies can sometimes have an inverse relationship with traditional assets. When these  decrease in value, your crypto’s profits may offset the losses of the other holdings in your portfolio. 

Tax advantages

Investing in a tax-advantaged retirement account enables you to contribute on a pretax basis, and to defer taxes to when you make withdrawals at retirement age. Setting up a crypto retirement account as a Roth IRA, on the other hand, may let you enjoy tax-free distributions  because your contributions were taxed.

Long-term savings

Cryptocurrency adoption by institutional investors and big corporations is expanding rapidly. Several major retailers accept payments in cryptocurrencies. As cryptocurrencies go mainstream, their increased demand may raise  their value.

How to Choose a Crypto Retirement Account

It’s important to analyze several key components when investing in a crypto retirement account to increase your chances of obtaining optimal returns and enjoying a beneficial investing process.

Easy Setup

You’re more likely to back out of opening an account if you face several challenges. An IRA cryptocurrency account should be simple to set up and require only standard documents to verify your identity.

The platform should be easy to navigate so that you don’t need to spend additional time with support.

Account and Trading Fees

A crypto custodian or technology provider should be completely transparent about its fees. You need to know all costs involved in making investments and receiving profits. Some providers charge a setup fee, an annual administration fee, or withdrawal fees.

Educational Resources

Because a self-directed IRA account such as BitcoinIRA requires participation, you’ll need to understand the process. Numerous crypto retirement companies provide online education resources, teaching you about their platforms, the markets, and how to trade.

Diverse Crypto Offerings

The best-performing portfolios are usually highly diverse. The ideal crypto retirement account enables you to store a large collection of coins. That increases your chances of offsetting losing assets with profitable ones. BitcoinIRA, for example, offers 60+ different cryptocurrencies.


It’s important to secure your cryptocurrency by keeping it in a high-level security account. Multikey technology, insurance, and cold storage are all features to look for when ensuring top notch security and custody services.

Seamless Experience

Having around-the-clock access to your portfolio is crucial. Even more important is convenient navigation on the platform to place trades easily, and a history of all activity.


Even the safest storage facilities are prone to theft and damage. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC) provides insurance protection of up to $250,000 for checking, savings, and other deposit accounts for certain assets, but not crypto. BitGo, the custody solution used by BitcoinIRA, insures holdings up to $250 million.

Build a Comfortable Retirement with Crypto

Having cryptocurrencies in your retirement savings enables you to diversify your portfolio while reaping the tax advantages offered in standard IRA accounts.

Crypto’s growing popularity and adoption make it an ideal long-term asset that may outperform traditional markets. A crypto IRA account that provides a diverse offering, easy setup, a high level of security, and insurance, reduces risk and increases your chances of experiencing a comfortable retirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put crypto in a retirement account?

A standard retirement account typically doesn’t accept alternative investments such as cryptocurrencies. However, a self-directed IRA enables crypto holdings.

Is cryptocurrency good for a retirement portfolio?

Cryptocurrencies further diversify your retirement portfolio and may prove to be a long-term asset that provides market-beating returns.

Is there a cryptocurrency IRA?

Yes. A cryptocurrency IRA can be set up to offer the same benefits as a Traditional or Roth IRA. 

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