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BitcoinIRA Co-Founder Chris Kline Featured on Benzinga TV

A photo of Chris Kline of BitcoinIRA and host Aaron Bry having a conversation on a livestream.

While 2022 may have been the year of surprises in the crypto space, it also paved the way for new beginnings and future developments in the areas of regulation, transparency, and accountability. The emergence of proof of reserves is just one example of how events of the recent past may positively impact the not-so-distant future for this burgeoning and exciting asset class. 

BitcoinIRA CRO and co-founder Chris Kline recently joined Benzinga TV to recap the year and discuss the state of the industry, including the latest Fed rate hike, the possibility of an upcoming recession, and the opportunities 2022 surprises can bring for crypto to build back stronger and better than ever in the new year and beyond. 

To learn about the above and more, be sure to check out the interview. Discussed topics include: 

  • Crypto IRA basics
  • Silver linings in the aftermath of FTX 
  • Benefits of regulation 
  • Tax advantages of crypto IRAs 
  • Bitcoin maximalism 
  • And more 

You can view the interview below. To learn more about BitcoinIRA, how crypto may fit your retirement goals, and the industry in general, check out our blog and knowledge center. 

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