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Women in Bitcoin: Combatting the ‘Blockchain Bro’ Stereotype

If you’re involved in the crypto space, chances are you’ve heard of the phrase “blockchain bros.” It generally refers to the rich and powerful men in the crypto space who have formed a type of exclusive “all boys club” within the industry.

Indeed, there’s no denying that the industry is predominantly male. Recent data indicates that only 4-6% of women are blockchain investors, which is very low, even by tech standards. But this appears to be changing, as women are working steadfastly to support and promote each others’ endeavors and accomplishments in the cryptocurrency space.

Just recently, there was an “Empowering Women in the Cryptocurrency Space” panel at South by Southwest, in which a number of female industry leaders in the space spoke on the issue of gender imbalance in cryptocurrency.

“The main point in this is a brand new landscape to innovate in, which is part of the allure of Bitcoin. Everyone in this space gets to be on the frontline of creating something new. And we are all learning together, regardless of gender,” said Tina Hui, CEO and founder at Follow the Coin an innovative hub for different projects focused on cyber security, blockchain technology, and more.

“In the spirit of the technology, with its potential to transform social contracts, I think it’s important to lean in and pave the road for other women coming behind us,” said Karyl Fowler, another panelist at the conference. Fowler is working on Transmute, an infrastructure-as-a-service company aiming to help enterprises incorporate blockchain tech into their businesses.

The South by Southwest conference is a notable stepping stone towards acknowledging the important role that women play in the crypto and blockchain space. As we’ve discussed in earlier blogs, blockchain technology has the potential to transform all sorts of industries and provide notable solutions for larger social issues. One of these issues seems to weigh on men and women equally: retirement.– Helping Men and Women Navigate the Retirement Space

According to a study conducted by the National Institute of Retirement Security in 2017, 88 percent of Americans believe that we’re in a retirement crisis, a number that seems to be divided amongst both men and women. It’s clear that people are not satisfied with the retirement status quo and are looking for alternative, innovative solutions.

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