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White Hacker Group to Claim $4.4 Million in Controversial DAO Refund.

The White Hacker Group is an elite group of ethical hackers.  From Facebook attacks, they target political opposition groups in countries, they carry out investigations on different crimes like Lizard Squad, Syrian Electronic Army, and others.

More Controversy surrounds the infamous Ethereum based Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) project which raised US$ 150 million last year.It seems victims of last summer DAO hack have until April 15 to withdraw DAO to Ethereum Classic (ETC) refunds, and there is still $4.4 million worth of tokens left at the address in question. The remaining funds held in the contract will be donated to the White Hat Group (WHG).


The different White Hacker Groups

The groups differ in their specific rules and policies. They are Lizard Squad that prevents attacks such as Facebook account hacking and other cyber attacks like the Syrian Electronic Army that targets political opposition groups, LulzSec that carries out investigations, Anonymous, Level Seven Crew, Network Crack Program Hacker Group and others. These white hacker groups can help prevent major criminal activities that can avoid losses of money to hackers and spammers. The hackers are not directly paid for their services but set up donation accounts usually in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Who are White Hacker Group

These are ethical hackers whose discoveries and inventions shake things up as they try to stay one step ahead of their underground black hat cousins. They investigate, target political opposition groups and also target cyber attacks, Facebook attacks, and other crimes. The white hackers unlike the illegal black hackers have an upper hands in terms of getting their hands  on the latest sophisticated computing equipment early enough. Some ethical hackers work solely as cyber crime experts, consultants for large companies and government organisations.

How does DAO Refund work


One needs to have at least enough ETH in their specific DAO holding ETH addresses to cover the ETH transaction fees associated with moving the tokens. The Decentralized Autonomous Organization has to refund $ 4.4 million to the White Hacker Group. The white hat hackers helped DAO prevent further hacking attacks and loss of money. In return, they are claiming a whopping sum of $4 million. At this point of time, it seems to be a fine arrangement given the meteoric rise of Ethereum prices in the recent times.