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Bitcoin Now Offers Traders an Incredible Opportunity to Trade Global Financial Markets Privately

Bitcoin is coming forth with incredible applications that cut across wide varieties of industries. Bitcoin is already changing the payments industry with its ease of transaction and negligible transaction costs. Bitcoin is disrupting the banking industry by providing people with a truly secure and private way to store wealth. Bitcoin is also shaping up to be a powerful economic disruptor by reducing the ability of central banks to print money out of thin air.

Now, Bitcoin is getting ready to disrupt the financial markets and a Bitcoin startup is at the vanguard of the paradigm shift. Whaleclub is a Bitcoin startup that provides people with a unique opportunity to trade other cryptocurrencies, stocks, forex, indices, and commodities with Bitcoin.  This post seeks to explore possibilities for Bitcoin holders to leverage the privacy that Bitcoin offers to trade the financial markets for profits.

Meet Whaleclub


Based in Hong Kong, Whaleclub was founded to be a trading platform powered entirely by digital currency. The firm began its live trading operation in 2016 and it has more than 10,000 traders who have traded more than $100M worth of securities in Bitcoin. The firm’s COO, Peter Zivkovski says, “Our mission is to allow anyone, wherever they may be in the world, to use bitcoin to access and trade the global markets.”

Interestingly, Zivkovski notes that Whaleclub is already setting up shop at the long-term destination of the financial markets. He notes that the current trading systems in the financial markets are obsolete and that the world will eventually have to embrace a new global currency to facilitate trades in the global financial markets without the barriers of borders or currencies.

In his words, “by blending sophisticated engineering with an elegant experience, we empower thousands of traders to access worldwide markets with Bitcoin.”

How is Whaleclub different from other trading platforms?

There are possibly tens of thousands brokers all who claim to provide traders with a platform to trade the financial market. Very few of those platforms provide traders with an exposure to the financial markets through Bitcoin. However, what makes Whaleclub special is not the fact that is probably the only trading platform that provides traders with an exclusive access to the financial markets through Bitcoin.

Whaleclub is in a league of its own, different from other trading platforms because it operates at a lesser cost than traditional trading platforms. The lower operating costs can in turn be passed down to traders as negligible execution fees and low spreads. Mr. Zivkovski observed that traditional trading firms are plagued with deposit and withdrawal delays, excessive fees…

“By using digital currency instead of fiat, we can provide customers with a superior experience: instant deposits, low spreads, worldwide market access from over 190 countries, customer privacy.”

Should you consider trading the financial markets with Bitcoin?

If you believe in Bitcoin and you understand how the financial markets work, you should seriously consider trading the financial markets with Bitcoin. To start with, the private nature of Bitcoin means that you can conduct your trading and investment activities without drawing undue attention to yourself. Secondly, the strategic position of Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency with a global reach makes it easy for you to trade securities across 190 countries.

You should note that you’ll need to satisfy some regulatory requirements as a foreign investor if you wish to trade securities in a foreign country/currency. However, with Bitcoin, all borders are erased for a low-cost and private trading experience globally.

Whaleclub in action

If you want to learn more about Whaleclub and experience the community in action watch the video below.