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Can Trump be the boost Bitcoin is looking for?

Donald Trump is the victorious and charismatic Republican Presidential Candidate, all set to take the office as the 45th American President. Trump’s ideology and power packed appearances have begun to cause fear among the equity market participants. Many market pundits have predicted a prolonged and sharp fall in global commodities prices if Trump gets elected. Contrary to these speculations, the markets plunged temporarily and rose back again with minimal impact. But in those brief moments of sheer scare, Bitcoin saw a lot of promise owing Trump’s presidency. Let’s look into the details of how Trump’s presidency can indeed be favorable for Bitcoin:

Trump and Bitcoin:


While Hillary had openly condemned cryptocurrencies, Trump has been very understanding about the concept. Even during the campaign, Trumps statements have impacted the Bitcoin market to an extent. Especially during Brexit, Trumps statements about many Trade deals have fueled the Bitcoin price boost. The day trump became the President elect while the global markets tanked, Bitcoin prices soared owing to inflow of funds from other currencies.

The favorable economic policies:


When it comes to fintech, a lot is dependent on the regulations imposed by a particular state. The economic policies might trigger or hinder the fintech growth, depending on their are handling. Trump has had “removing regulatory reforms” in his agenda which would prove advantageous for fintech. The regulations revolving around fintech are very old and don’t have the adaptability to adjust to changing times. This implies that the regulatory environment may, finally, become far more welcoming for Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology.

Adding to this, any renegotiation of NAFTA agreement in the favor of US will help setting up better export opportunities for US citizens. This might see increase in terms of volumes for Bitcoin across borders for export payments.

Trump’s non tolerance towards remittance:


A ‘Wall’ to stop Mexican immigrants has been the central theme of Trump’s Election campaign. The strong underlying belief behind this propaganda is that the remittance money is getting out of US soil. If Trump goes on to his execute his regressive policies against remittance, then Bitcoin would be the only option for ease of transfer. This would surely make Bitcoin a better trusted and most opted source adding to Bitcoins increasing growth and adoption.

Can Hillary’s policies pave the way for better Bitcoin eco system?

US democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has been very vocal about her policies throughout the presidential campaign. With less than a month remaining, cryptocurrency enthusiasts are weighing their pros and cons against each candidate and their policies. Both the candidates have proclaimed their support in accommodating fintech industry. When it came to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, Clinton has been critical and skeptical in her statements. Let’s look into how Hillary’s policies would affect Bitcoin:

Hillary’s fintech policies:

Even before she received the presidential nomination from the US Democratic Party, Hillary has had set agenda for fintech industries. She has proactively stated that if elected, she would push for reduced regulatory barriers for startups and entrepreneurs.

The Clinton campaign stated:

“We must position American innovators to lead the world in the next generation of technology revolutions – from autonomous vehicles to machine learning to public service blockchain applications – and we must defend universal access to the global, digital marketplace of ideas.”

The campaign also added that Hillary will challenge state and local governments to identify, review and legal and regulatory obligations. This would take away the immunity that protects legacy incumbents against new innovators.

Hillary against China and the East:


Hillary as the secretary of the state has historically intimidated China throughout her term. Be it her stance on International waters or trade agreements, she has always opposed China firmly. What would be instrumental to digital currencies is the trade agreements with China. Just like Donald Trump, Hillary opposes the Trans-Pacific Partnership. She supports trade agreements that would raise wages, increase prosperity, create more jobs for Americans, and protect our security.

Hillary said:

“We cannot let rules of origin allow China — or anyone else, but principally China — to go around trade agreements. It’s one of the reasons why I oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership because when I saw what was in it, it was clear to me there were too many loopholes, too many opportunities for folks to be taken advantage of.”

This means, Hillary would alter trade agreements  to tighten US’s hold, which would spell discomfort for China. If Chinese implement unorthodox monetary policies, that would disturb Yuan and we are likely to see heavy movement in Bitcoin market.

Hillary against Wall Street:


On her first speech as the Democratic presidential contender, Hillary took a dig at Wall Street. She tore into CEOs, hedge fund managers, Corporate America — and the Republicans who support them. She believes that wealth centered on Wall Street is detrimental to the economy. With short term investments for high profits and low taxes paid based on their investments, common man is at disadvantage. She believes in long term investments that would open up job opportunities for Americans. She also implores Wall Street to think about the possibilities.

Would these redirected investments on Wall Street result in Blockchain opportunities for firms or would be in the direction of other industries is to be seen.