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A Synopsis of the Emerging Trend of Blockchain Gaming

Bitcoin is triggering the waves of a huge paradigm shift with massive changes across many industries. It is no longer news that Bitcoin is changing the payments market by offering a cheaper and faster means of paying for goods and services. Bitcoin also has huge potentials to change the global economic landscape. Now, Bitcoin is precipitating another wave on change in the world of gaming by introducing new gaming concepts. This article provides a synopsis into the emerging trends of blockchain gaming.

What is blockchain gaming?

Blockchain gaming is a genre of gaming that involves the creation and use of items that you can trade on public blockchain systems. Blockchain gaming often involve the use of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin in the gaming economy.  The main distinctive feature that sets blockchain gaming apart from other type of gaming trends is that the blockchain technology makes it easy for gamers to own their gaming economies.

If you are an avid gamer, you’ll have had the regular misfortune of hitting a large jackpot in a game when you complete a level, break through some barriers, or when you employ some ingenious problem-solving skills. However, it is practically impossible to convert your jackpot or wins into tangible real-life items. Hence, you success in gaming is often stuck in the game and you’ll only have bragging rights if have people who understand the game around you. Blockchain gaming allows gamers to access their wins and jackpot by using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin in the game economy or as a part of the game’s storyline.

Beyond The Void breaks out into blockchain gaming with Nexium


If you love playing real-time strategy RTS- Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games, you could start gearing up for some serious fun as Beyond The Void prepares to debut the first RTS-MOBA backed by blockchain technology. The game which will be launched the “Money2020” event in Las Vegas this week will combine a blockchain-based Initial Coin Offering (ICO) with a blockchain-token economy.

However, the currency of the game won’t be the already popular Bitcoin but a brand new cryptocurrency called Nexium. Beyond The Void is reportedly working with OpenLedger to launch the game as part of OpenLedger’s mission to propel the most interesting blockchain startups into the limelight. The new blockchain game is designed to reward both the developers and the gamer in what is being touted as the “next-generation gaming culture”.

More interesting is the fact that Beyond The Void blockchain technology wants to mine Nexium with games in the same way that people mine Bitcoin by solving hashes. Nexium will be burned over time in the game and the value of the Nexium will increase comparatively. More so, the value of Nexium has the potential to grow as the number of players in the game grows.

The Nexium ICO


The confluence of Blockchain and MOBA gaming – ‘Beyond The Void’

The beauty of cryptocurrencies and their underlying technology lie in the multitude of applications they offer. They can imbibe to any existing technology to give us a transformed output that might change the way we look at it completely. One such arena, which invites ledger based technology with open arms, would be gaming. The gaming industry has a huge market cap with Multiplayer Online Battle Arena leading from the front. This genre has heavy vested investments and features in eSports (video game competitions) with heavy prize money. With so much at stake, ‘Beyond The Void’, a new ‘free-to-play’ RTS-MOBA game can storm the gaming industry. This game kicks of with a token crowd sale with  tokens as rewards for players. Let’s dive deep into the launch dynamics of the game:

The MOBA Market worth:

MOBA Market Worth

The net worth of MOBA market in 2016 was around $20 Billion with major market share concentrated in the east. League of Legends leads this market with a market share of whooping 66%. Next in line is DOTA 2 with market share of 14%. These games are more in control of the developers having quantized costs and trading facilities for items.

Beyond The Void:

The multiplayer game debuts in November’s ‘Money2020’ and CoinAgenda industry events in Las Vegas. ‘Beyond The Void’ is launching a token crowd sale in partnership with decentralized conglomerate OpenLedger and crowdfunding group. The game aims to combine a blockchain based Initial Coin Offering with a blockchain token economy.

Beyond The Void

The vision behind the launch of this blockchain based game is to create a culture where the players own the ecosystem as much as the developers. The investors would benefit from this game in a unique fashion. These ICO tokens, named ‘Nexium’ will steadily burn over the time. The increasing scarcity of tokens increases their value. The game modifies itself such that as player base grows,  so will the price of Nexium and blockchain assets.

Beyond The Void vs Traditional MOBA games:

Beyond The Void vs Traditional MOBA games

The game is extremely competitive between players incite more growth in the growing e-sports space. It is free to play with major revenue streams being Nexium tokens, Ethereum blockchain assets, and player-owned economy. The game hopes to attract additional players with a player-driven economy. Players can own and trade buyable items in the game at will. Giving the players total control will create a whole new set of economic opportunities for players and the developers alike.

It would be interesting to note how this game would impact the MOBA industry and pave way for further Blockchain based games.