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Rocket League Tracker gets a new boost with ‘eBoost’ as its official cryptocurrency

The world of eSports depends heavily on player vs player and multiplayer combats at different levels. What makes it even more exciting is to bet proportionately on these combats and reap rewards for ones skill points. While officially various multiplayer games have their own style of reward schemes for various wagers, there has always been a need for a single currency that unites the games on one platform. Venturing out on the same lines, The International eBoost Society has announced a new cryptocurrency for use in eSports field. The eBoost token will be used as an in-game cryptocurrency to facilitate wagering in player-to-player matches. Let’s deep dive into how the currency might be a literal game changer:

About the currency:

eBoost Cryptocurrency

The International eBoost Society is responsible for the creation, maintenance and promotion of the eBoost software token. It was initially used by eSports site Mockit and began its public crowdfunding exclusively at Bittrex. A development team led by cryptocurrency developer Jim Blasko is creating the token. eBoost will be a non-mineable, proof-of-work token, with 100 million coins authorized, up to 20 million of which were scheduled to be sold in a crowdsale.

eBoost in Rocket League:

eBoost in Rocket League provides live tracking for Rocket League ratings with Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox. eBoost, the in-game blockchain token for the eSports market, announced that it will become the loyalty token for They plan to complete integration with eBoost in early 2017, coinciding with the launch of their site update and redesign.

“As grows, we require a more secure and decentralized solution for our loyalty tokens to provide our users with the best possible experience and add real-world value to it. After researching our options, we discovered that eBoost will provide the strong technology and versatility to serve as a perfect replacement for our tracker points.” said Daniel Samer, CEO of Rocket League Tracker.

What the future of eSport holds:

Future of eSport

 eBoost allows competitive gamers to bet on their own personal matches in skill-based competitive games. It can be used in applications worldwide, including wagering on eSports where legal. There is a strong possibility that given its flexibility, it will be adopted as the official cryptocurrencies for many games to come in eSports area. With games like ‘Beyond The Void’ going for their own kind of cryptocurrency, an eSport cryptocurrency exchange is surely on the cards.