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‘Apptrade’ is here to add technology to your portfolio, launches Crowdsale to attract investors

Bitcoin, Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have opened up a new realm of possibilities by accelerating and innovating traditional prospects. Amongst many prominent fields that was impacted by the internet’s analogue towards the first decade of the new millennium, trade finance and financial services are major beneficiaries. Cryptocurrencies made investing easy, hassle – free and low cost. This resulted in the advent of newer features like crowd funding and token sales that are now propelling businesses with new found innovation. One such case is ‘Apptrade’ where you can invest on the potentiality of applications. Let’s look into the details of Apptrade and the ongoing crowd funding:

What does ‘Apptrade’ do?


‘Apptrade’ is a platform which enables you to have apps in your portfolio and to trade in them like stockmarket. Hence it has been branded as the “Stockmarket of Apps” by Forbes. When linked, a portfolio of apps has the potential to become a competent asset whose value changes over time. By securing revenue streams, collaborative funding provides a financial innovation that facilitates access to value on a Decentralized Exchange. A value that can be bought and traded in the form of tokens that represent the growing value of the apps. Hence this leads to the creation of app portfolios backed by digital trust whose value increases once the app hits high levels of user base.

The infrastructure for holding digital portfolios:

Apptrade is powered by OpenLedger, as its parent company.  Apptrade LLC is a part of OpenLedger Decentralised Conglomerate (DC). It is the world’s first blockchain powered conglomerate that allows its platforms to share resources and benefit mutually from network-based cross promotion. Ronny Boesing, CEO of OpenLedger believes that Apptrade is a simple way to buy, sell or invest in apps. Each portfolio consisting of apps, is designed to ensure that regular updates are being factored and the quality is ensured.

The Crowdfunding and options:


The start-up will offer its own token for their ICO called ‘APPX’.  The token entitles investors to 20% of the net market value and revenue of the Apptrade portfolio ecosystem. The crowd sale was launched on February 28th 2017 and understanding the value of the platform, OpenLedger decided to invest $100,000 themselves so as to own to show their belief in the project and reap profits out of its impending success. The Crowdfunding is set to end on 30th of April and with the amount of potentiality the project has to offer, the ‘APPX’ tokens are getting sold out in quick time.

Internet of Coins: One hybrid asset to rule them all?

With the advent of multiple cryptocurrencies that offer their own set of fundamental, strategic and technical advantages over others, the cryptocurrency market is enjoying new found diversity and flexibility. To facilitate the transfer from one digital asset to other, crypto-exchanges have been launching user friendly multicurrency wallets in the recent times. As convenient as that might be, imagine if you owned a single token that can represent any cryptocurrency available and can be transacted on its blockchain system. Exactly this is what “Internet of Coins’” new initiative “Hybrid” is all about. Let’s dive into the modus operandi of the system and its slick advantages over your traditional cryptocurrencies:


What exactly is Internet of Coins and Hybridd:


The Internet of Coins developers are launching the construction of an inter-systemic and cross-blockchain token called a ‘hybrid asset’. This token allows for the transfer of value between ledger systems without the need to update or adapt existing cryptocurrency source code. Termed as an environment for ‘Personal Finance’ it is a decentralized platform which enables an optimally inclusive financial network, interlinking all digital forms of value. The platform allows you to trade digital assets and currencies peer to peer, with an easy to use interface and the opportunity to earn fees by participating as an allocator.

The best part about the platform is that you need not reconfigure your wallets to match the requirements of the autonomous decentralized network. The key idea is to integrate all the digital currencies into an interconnected and financially liquid web.

How IOC will achieve this:

The IOC team aims to attain the network dynamics through modularized interconnectivity of blockchain systems.  A node to node network connectivity platform, named ‘hybrid’ allows them to connect value systems and synchronize by a way of scalable data chain. This innovation is being termed as ‘weave chain’.  Their goal to let every cryptocurrency autonomously become part of a massive swarm of decentralized global financial interaction. They will be represented by hybrid tokens and the programming code for this would be open source. The network is ensured of highest security. Every non-proprietary blockchain or value system can be hooked into this evolving network. A unique allocation schema ensures that currencies with a small marketcap receive the needed liquidity to support one’s exchange and relevancy within a healthy cryptosphere.

The reason for such an initiative:

The existing cryptocurrency industry has become centralized to an extent and is being influenced by political factors. The main aim of the initiative is to keep the transfers decentralized and blockchain agnostic. By opening up inter-cryptocurrency transfers, it becomes very easy to form a web of financial transfers that have varied advantages basing on the cryptocurrency. It also becomes a viable option for investors to quickly shift assets in case of negative market conditions.

The crowd funding has started on 21st of March,2017 and 293654.03 hybrids have been assigned till date.

Bitcoin IRA: Initiating Coverage of APPX (Apptrade)

Apptrade is a profit sharing marketplace, described as “the stock market for apps” but instead of supporting one project, users can support multiple projects and have all the compliance and tracking automated via bitshares. The temporary tokens APPX.WARRANT representing the Apptrade master tokens, known as APPX will start to trade on the OpenLedger DEX immediately after the minimum threshold of 1 million USD has been achieved during  the 61 days of the Apptrade Initial Token Offering (ITO) on February 28th, 2017.

Similar to how Ether tokens were issued during a crowd sale, then redeemed into Ethereum (ETH) on a 1 to 1 basis once their network was launched, the temporary token APPX.WARRANT will convert 1:1 to the Master Apptrade token APPX, once the Apptrade network goes live.

The estimated timeframe for conversion of WARRANT.APPX to the final asset on a 1:1 basis, will occur in 12 months post token crowd sale or earlier if the project is ready and tested ahead of schedule.

The OpenLedger Decentralized Exchange (DEX), the platform acts as the foundation for a Decentralized Conglomerate; an ecosystem of interlinked and mutually-supporting companies. By using the Graphene toolkit, crypto companies can develop applications or services on top of the framework.