Best Bitcoin and Crypto IRA Company

2017 offered major growth and opportunity for new businesses offering digital currency retirement plans. But for novice consumers navigating a new industry, it can be difficult to know who to trust.  That’s where Bitcoin IRA comes in. An advocate for the consumer, here are the reasons why Bitcoin IRA is the best bitcoin IRA company.

Largest and Most Trusted Company in the Industry

Largest and Most Trusted Company in the Industry

In 2017 alone, we processed over $300 million in investments, and received customers earned an average return on investment of 172%. The company has received over 400+ 5-star customer reviews.   

Industry-Leading Offline Cold-Storage Wallet

Industry-Leading Offline Cold-Storage WalletBitcoin IRA is proud to have an exclusive relationship with BitGo, the industry leader in multi-signature cold-storage wallets. BitGo cold-storage wallets feature sophisticated recovery options and multi-signature encryption technology.

Security Keys Kept with Custodian 

Security Keys Kept with Custodian Bitcoin IRA provides a custodian-controlled model in which the trust company and wallet maintain the customer’s keys and securities. This reduces the likelihood that investments could be lost or stolen.

Full-Service Solution

Full-Service SolutionSpecialists at the company guide customers through every step of the process, including completing your IRA application, transferring your IRA or 401k funds, buying your cryptocurrencies, and accessing your exclusive cold storage wallet. 

US-Based Storage

US-Based StorageAll aspects of Bitcoin IRA platform are based in the U.S., including your custodian and digital wallet provider, BitGo.

Commitment to Regulatory Compliance 

Commitment to Regulatory Compliance The company is proud to welcome General Counsel and Senior Compliance Officer Maryann Bullion to the team. She is working with the Board to ensure our platform is compliant and secure.

Supports Multiple Cryptocurrencies

Supports Multiple Cryptocurrencies 

Unlike many other companies that only support one or two cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin IRA supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum Classic.

To learn more about why Bitcoin IRA is the best Bitcoin IRA company, and diversifying your retirement account with Bitcoin and five other digital currencies, give one of the company’s IRA specialists a call today at 877-936-7175.