What is Digital Gold?


Digital Gold is an innovative, proprietary solution that allows customers to instantly buy and sell investment-grade, pure physical gold 24/7.

Digital Gold combines the stability of gold with the speed of ETFs, and customers have 100 percent direct ownership of their physical gold. The product is the most cost-effective physical gold IRA asset now available on the market because it removes the large markups and transaction costs found with traditional gold sellers.

Customers always maintain the title to their real gold through a cryptographically-secure blockchain database that investors can utilize to verify ownership. Their physical gold is securely stored in the vaults of the Royal Canadian Mint and is fully deliverable upon request at any time. The product is insured, cost-effective and has a fully transparent, 24/7 settlement process.

Five things to know about Digital Gold

1. It’s Real Gold  –  Customers purchase real Gold American Eagle and Silver American Eagle produced by the US Mint.
2. Ease of Trading –  Speak with our specialist to walk you through your gold purchase or do it online through our self-trade.
3. Zero Holding Cost – There are no  additional cost for storing your gold transaction in your BitGo Wallet.
4. Blockchain Ledger – Transactions are recorded in the decentralized ledger.
5. Full-insurance Coverage – Your investment is covered by a $1 Billion all-risk insurance policy from our depository.

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