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The Weekly Re-HASH


Here are some of our favorite stories of the week from the world of crypto, just for you:

• 10 major events in 2020: CoinDesk has outlined crypto’s biggest events next year, from Telegram’s suit with the SEC to Calibra and more.

• Will 2020 be the year of “Enterprise Bitcoin”? As businesses grow, they will need to adapt, and one analyst believes that growth will go the way of the Bitcoin blockchain.

$250,000 Bitcoin in 2020? Investor & entrepreneur, Tim Draper, thinks so.

• ErisX to the future: This week, exchange operator ErisX launched its Bitcoin futures market.

• Refresher course: Forbes published a simple guide to growing crypto tax-free. You may know a lot of this already but for those of you who need a refresher as to why you should go with Bitcoin IRA for diversifying your retirement, this is a great guide.

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