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The switch from Fiat to Bitcoin is like going from Analog to Digital: Chris Kline


When it comes to investments, one has a range of options to select a definitive investing strategy. But when it comes to retirement investment solutions, the pick has to be stable with good returns and have a unique quality that would set it apart from other types of investments. After thorough study, a Sherman Oaks, CA based firm have come up with an unique and viable retirement investment strategy. This involves using Bitcoin in Investment Retirement Accounts.

Chris Kline and CrushTheStreet

Bitcoin has proved out to be a very good portfolio asset owing to its high returns and acceptable volatility. Its growing adoption has boosted its application in various streams and not so surprisingly people have accepted Bitcoin as a part of their IRA. Bitcoin IRA crossed $4 Million mark last week in sales and launched “Bitcoin Bull Watch”, a weekly report on Bitcoin market insights. On this occasion, Chris Kline, COO of Bitcoin IRA and Director of Operations at Fortress Gold Group featured in an interview on CrushTheStreet talking about the rapid rise in Bitcoin adoption levels.

Chris believes that the $ 4 Million mark goes on to show how quickly people are adopting to Bitcoin and the idea that it belongs in an IRA. He believes that the switch from Fiat to Bitcoin is like going from Analog to Digital and would revolutionize the economic system. In the interview, Chris goes on to talk about the new aspects of Bitcoin that has to offer. How to use Bitcoin for the IRA for the future, the deflationary nature of fiat currency in the existing system. Also he explained some of Bitcoin virtues, how other digital currencies come into play and and how BitcoinIRA works in full detail

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