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Survey Shows More Bullish Long-Term Investor Sentiment Today Than In June

Bitcoin Survey Results

Bitcoin IRA, the world’s first, largest, and most secure digital asset IRA Bitcoin companies that allow clients to purchase cryptocurrencies and other digital assets for their retirement accounts, today released the results of a follow-up survey analyzing buyer sentiment among crypto investors during the pandemic. We are one of the leaders of helping investors make money with Bitcoin, which is the crypto most experts consider the best crypto to invest in.

The same survey was sent to cryptocurrency investors in June 2020 and September 2020 to see how investor sentiment for crypto assets may have changed during that time period. The results show that investors are much more interested in owning cryptocurrencies for long-term holding, likely due to concerns over high inflation of fiat currencies and excessive global debt caused by the pandemic. Other assets that are uncorrelated to the US dollar such as gold and silver also showed increasing interest by investors. And interest in earning a yield while holding crypto assets was also increasing significantly, most notably with “staking,” a process where individuals can earn a yield on their existing assets by verifying blockchain transactions.


Key takeaways

Investors looking to buy and hold cryptocurrencies “long-term” instead of trading shorter-term increased by nearly 20% since the June survey (57% in June, 68% in September).

40% more respondents answered that they believe Bitcoin’s price will remain between $10,000 to $15,000 at the end of the year (49% of all respondents in September expected this range).

Respondents interested in investing in gold or silver increased by 12% since June (47% in June, 53% in September).

Respondents looking to earn interest on their crypto holdings (either from staking or lending) increased from 53% to 60%. The majority of this new interest was focused on staking as it jumped 30% from our previous survey in June (27% in June, 35% in September).

Chainlink still remains the crypto with the greatest investment interest (outside of Bitcoin and Ethereum) capturing nearly 35% of all respondents

Results for the latest September survey are available here.



The same survey was sent to a randomized group of consumers interested in investing in cryptocurrencies on June 18, 2020, and September 24, 2020. The number of respondents that completed the survey in June and September was 317 and 471, respectively. Individual respondents may have differed across both surveys.

Earlier this year the company launched several new programs to help make investing in cryptocurrencies easier and more accessible. The company’s traditional program enables individuals to rollover their existing IRA and buy crypto using its proprietary 24/7 online self-trading platform, while their Saver IRA™ program allows consumers to start a new retirement account and contribute for as little as $100 a month. The company also added physical gold as a new asset option enabling its clients to buy and sell investment-grade, US-certified gold bars directly on its platform alongside seven other digital assets including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Stellar Lumens (XLM) and Zcash (ZEC).

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