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Bitcoin IRA Welcomes Rick Synrod as New Chief Operations Officer

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Synrod Brings Expertise as Former COO of Fidelity Digital Funds  

Bitcoin IRA has officially welcomed a new Chief Operations Officer with the hiring of Rick Synrod. The former COO of Fidelity Digital Funds joins Bitcoin IRA to help further the execution of our long-term growth strategy and brings with him more than 15 years of experience leading an enterprise company at scale. Bitcoin IRA’s new COO will lead digital asset operations, implement more efficient processes, develop strategic policies, and create operational strategy that will help us fulfill our mission to help more Americans retire.  

Through his previous experience leading the digital asset division at one of the world’s largest investment banks, Synrod brings a wealth of knowledge and experience across the financial services industry. He was directly involved with Fidelity’s traditional asset management business where he created, launched, and led operations for digital asset management and the division’s management team. His significant contributions allowed Fidelity to establish a substantial presence as a leader in digital asset investment management alongside the firm’s existing custodial services.  

“I’m very excited to join the leadership team at Bitcoin IRA. I’m looking forward to serving as a resource for our team and customers during the next phases of our growth, building on the significant accomplishments and success the team has already achieved. It’s an exciting time to be part of the digital asset industry, and I look forward to participating in the evolution of financial services alongside such a fantastic team,” Synrod said.  

In addition to his experience as the COO of Fidelity Digital Funds, Synrod has had an extensive career in the financial space. After starting as a Custody Operations and Trade Settlements Team Manager at JP Morgan Chase, he moved onto his long career with Fidelity. He worked his way up from a Unit Manager in Fund Accounting where he led a team of 20 plus people before moving on to a Director level position in the Asset Management Treasurer’s Office with fiduciary oversight of more than $200 billion in assets. Before being promoted to a COO position at Fidelity, he also served as a Director of FX Trading Operations and as an Advanced Process Solutions Squad Leader where he lent his considerable talent to high-level strategic planning at enterprise scale.   

“Smart and strategic growth is our overall goal, and in that spirit, we are thrilled to welcome Rick as our new Chief Operations Officer at Bitcoin IRA,” said Bitcoin IRA Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer, Chris Kline. “His tenured career successfully leading teams in financial services and his experience with launching digital assets at Fidelity make him the perfect fit for our company and team as we continue to lead and innovate our industry together.” 

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