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Poll Results: “What’s Your Investment Profile?”

What's your investment profile?

Investment profiles evolve, and in times like these, so we asked our valued account holders how their investment strategy might be changing during this unique and unprecedented moment in the markets.

Below are the results from our poll:

1) Do you think now is a good time to buy stocks, crypto, or any other investments?

80% said “Yes”
12% said “Unsure”
6% said “No”

2) Which assets do you believe are the most effective hedge against the declining stock market?

67% said “Cryptocurrency”
51% said “Gold”
33% said “Cash (USD)”
33% said “Real Estate”
5% said “Fine Art”

3) With stock markets down, how likely are you to invest in crypto, gold or other alternative assets today?
On a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being “Unlikely” and 5 being “Very likely”:

7% said 1
6% said 2
16% said 3
21% said 4
47% said 5 – “Very likely”

4) How much do you plan to invest with cash in 2020?

31% said “$5,000-$25,000”
30% said “Less than $5,000”
12% said “Undecided”
12% said “$25,000-$50,000”
7% said “$100,000 or more”
3% said “None”
2% said “$50,000-$100,000”

5) How much do you plan to invest into your IRA in 2020?

30% said “$5,000-$25,000”
25% said “Less than $5,000”
22% said “None”
14% said “Undecided”
4% said “$25,000-$50,000”
1% said “$50,000-$100,000”
1% said “$100,000 or more”

6) Which investment assets do you currently own in your IRA?

47% said “Cryptocurrency”
20% said “Stocks”
17% said “I do not have an IRA”
8% said “Gold”
3% said “Bonds”
2% said “Real Estate”

7) All markets are down significantly, including Bitcoin. When do you think Bitcoin will return above $8,000?

46% said “3 months”
21% said “6 months”
17% said “1 month or less”
8% said “1 year or more”
7% said “9 months”

8) We now offer real, physical Gold on our IRA platform (it’s up over 14% in the last year). Would you like to learn more?

46% said “Yes”
53% said “No”
1% did not indicate

Want to take the poll? Let us know your investment profile, we’d love your input.

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