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Online Casinos empowered by Bitcoin wagers, Reward payments hit as high as 260 BTC


A digital innovation always revolutionizes all the fields related to it and for an innovation like Bitcoin, online casinos and gaming industry is no different. Simple, peer to peer, free of cost transactions – these features were sure to find their place in the online gaming/casino industry in the form of wagers, entry fee and flushing reward payments. This has been the scenario last couple of years with many Bitcoin online casinos popping up and diversifying the kind of experience they offer through varying wagers, games, joining bonuses and rewards. Let’s look into how the online casinos evolved through Bitcoin:

Initial Deposits and Play:


Casinos are investing to trap a sustained customer base by offering a joining bonus to give the participants a firsthand experience of the game. While this has been the trend, most casinos provide instant deposit and play facilities through Bitcoin or other sources of depositing. For instance Bitcoin Video Casino provides instant cashouts once all previous deposits have at least two confirmations. This is  due to the nature of their zero confirmation play model. With instant payouts for bonuses or special attractive jackpots, Bitcoin Video Casino has gained popularity in the recent time.

Top payouts in Bitcoin Video Casino’s history:

Bitcoin Video Casino recently paid out $259.74 BTC jackpot on a 0.1 BTC on a slot machine to an anonymous player. According to the company’s website, this the largest payout of 2017 but marks the only the 19th biggest in the Casino’s history. The top payout ever registered was 765.65 BTC  for a bet of 0.2 BTC in May 2014.Coincidentally all the top 20 payouts registered were all wagered for bets less than 0.2 BTC or below.

How Bitcoin changed bonus payments:


Bitcoin has indeed changed the way online casinos have catered to customers over the years. For most part, people had to go through well set up KYC process in the past. With the kind of anonymity Bitcoin offers, simple registration and transfer of the cryptocurrency to the respective wallets on payouts is all that is required to get the fun rolling. With Bitcoin prices picking up slowly, it has been easier to facilitate mass payouts and arrange for healthy gaming at low entry fee over the past couple of years. How this trajectory would be impacted with regulations is the only thing concerning the casino owners as of now.


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