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[Video] Bitcoin IRA: Here’s How To Get A Bitcoin IRA


Bitcoin IRA has just completed a new animated video that helps explain all of the great benefits of owning a Bitcoin IRA. This video teaches you how a Bitcoin IRA works, it describes where your coins are stored and it highlights some of the unique security features.

Watch the video and find out why investing in a Bitcoin IRA will one of the best decisions you’ll make to grow your retirement fund.

Cryptocurrency is taking off as a retirement investment opportunity. It’s a great way to diversify your retirement portfolio and protect against having all your assets tied to the stock market.

With traditional money, officials can just print off more money whenever they want causing inflation. But, bitcoin has a cap for creation. Once it has been reached no more coins can be made and that means no inflation.

There are also tax benefits to investing in a cryptocurrency IRA. You’ll never pay taxes on capital gains. You can take advantage of these great benefits and get started investing with Bitcoin to protect your investments from thieves and hackers. Bitcoin IRA has an exclusive relationship with BitGo, the leader in multi-signature encryption technology, no other company can match its security. BitGo generates three security keys keeping them in separate cold storage locations. That means your security keys aren’t kept on the internet and hackers have no way to access your keys. It’s the safest method of storage unlike other companies which may store your keys offshore or in a dangerous hot storage wallet online. also requires government-issued identification and voice verification to transfer and purchase funds. No other crypto investment company offers this level of security. Most only offer one key and they require you to store it yourself. Not safe. If a security key in your possession gets lost or damaged your investment is gone forever. With Bitcoin IRA you’ll never lose your keys and investment. is the only turnkey full-service company that walks you through the process of investing, makes sure it is IRS-compliant, protects your investment, and offers $1,000,000 insurance on all transactions. Don’t take our word for it. Here are just a few companies who have featured

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