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Explosive Growth in Chinese Blogging Community is a Good Sign For Token Sale


DECENT readies itself for token launch on September 10th

DECENT, the decentralized content platform developed for digital publishing is looking forward to successful launch two days from now on September 10th. Backed by a stronger community than ever in China, evidenced by their recent partnership with (Global Alexa: 50,137), one of the more popular, if not most popular bitcoin sites in China, but the Founder of Microsoft Slovakia, Mr.Tibor Tarábek, recently gave his endorsement having this to say:

“I’ve heard a lot about Blockchain based projects in the recent months, but DECENT is the one that has caught my attention. Thanks to the comprehensive solution and variety of usage opdecent_chinaportunities it has the potential to become the next big thing within data distribution processes worldwide.”

With an active developer community hosting meetups around the world and rooted in p2p and blockchain technology, DECENT is building a platform, that if successful, will be nothing short of a digital revolution. The founders’ vision is to create a fully integrated & trustworthy system of content distribution for the internet. This global platform will be secured and timestamped by a blockchain mechanism.

DECENT adoption and token Sale

A fully functional prototype will be launched during or soon after the token sale, otherwise known as an ICO or Intial Coin Offering. Though there are many other ICO’s that bitcoin investor’s have access to, we think DECENT, with it’s solid mission and active community is an ICO that shouldn’t be missed.

The DECENT Token (DCT) and it will be used for publishing and buying on the DECENT Platform. It will allow for individuals and organizations to buy, sell & share digital content without restrictions. A key feature of the token is that it also serves as anti-spam protection via a reward for miners (or publishers in this case publishers).

DECENT: Decentralized Open Source Content Distribution Platform

decent_whitepaperTrue innovation is rare, especially in the world of media. More difficult is to determine which aspect of media thrives for development most. Majority of mainstream media do not truly innovate as they are happy with their current business models. Most of the incumbents do not provide as many benefits to the content consumers as they could because of lack of incentives. Moreover, having the obligation to pass through a third party to access digital content is unnecessary.

Traditional media companies as Medium, New York Times or Daily Mail choose what they publish and which authors they allow to distribute their content through their fully controlled centralized for-profit platforms. Similarly, many jurisdictions do not provide freedom of speech; people are prosecuted for expressing their thoughts.

Source: DECENT Whitepaper

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