Clients Invested Over $100 Million Dollars Into Interest Earning Program In Just 30 Days

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We’re thrilled to announce over one hundred million dollars have been invested into IRA Earn. The new interest-earning program offers interest rates up to 6% annually on cash and crypto holdings. This news follows COO Chris Kline’s appearance on CoinDesk TV, where he discussed the rapid growth of the platform, our mission to help Americans retire, and the wildly popular interest-earning program called IRA Earn.

Investors can create an account today, deposit funds into a self-directed retirement account, and then enroll in Bitcoin IRA Earn. Unlike traditional banks where the average savings rate is only 0.05%, the IRA Earn program offers rates approximately 100x higher, up to 6% annually, based on the blockchain’s unique ability to remove the middleman.

Retirement account owners can use our interest-earning program to increase the yearly return of their Traditional and Roth IRAs, and/or 401(K)s. For example, at the current rate, someone with $100,000 in cash could earn $30,000 via IRA Earn in just 5 years. This means clients taking advantage of this program can potentially earn faster and retire sooner with more money in their Bitcoin IRAs and/or 401(K)s.


Some of the highlights of the program include:

  • High-Interest Rates: Earn 6% APY on cash, 2.7% on Ethereum, and 2% on Bitcoin.
  • Low Minimums: Start earning interest with as little as $10,000.
  • Monthly Payouts: Accrue interest daily and receive payouts monthly.
  • No Lockup Period: Having open terms means users can earn substantial interest without long-term commitments.

The new IRA Earn program is available today to all account holders. Individuals interested in participating in the program should go to or call 877-936-7175 to sign up.