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How can I invest in Bitcoin Profitably? – Part 2


Bitcoin has surpassed the all-time high this week and now has the undivided attention of investors around the world. With Winklevoss ETF coming up for approval next month, the price speculations are giving a good riff to the cryptocurrency. In the first version of this series of posts, I talked about two major ways to invest in Bitcoin, Long Term and Short Term through direct investments and algorithmic trading respectively. Now that we have considered two major ways to invest in Bitcoin directly, let’s look at a couple of indirect or alternate methods of investment.

Investing in Bitcoin Mining:

While Bitcoin market investments are all about speculation, investing in Bitcoin mining is bound to have assured returns. Though the returns would be small in comparison to what market might have on offer, it would be study and over a period of time, if well aggregated highly profitable. Investing in Bitcoin mining would be investing in the equipment and electricity that would be helping in validating the bitcoin transactions and reaping rewards.

When done in large scale, Bitcoin mining is indeed profitable and provides returns on a consistent basis. Investing in Bitcoin mining can be done by finding a reputable mining group and investing with them would be a good option to get sustained returns through Bitcoin mining.

Investing with Bitcoin based startups:

Well, what is more lucrative than investing in the applications of a disruptive technology that has the potential to change Fintech as we see it!! This is another form of indirect investment depends on the selection of a fertile start up that has the potential to transform existing legacy systems and revolutionize markets as we are seeing today. A vast variety of these startups include Bitcoin transfers, wallets, remittances, proxy credit and debit card payments and instant transfer startups. With more innovation Bitcoin is expected to find applications in advanced IoT involving bots and AI. A financial technology which complements the innovation the future holds.

With measured investments and adoption of bitcoin picking up, these startups would reap good business and you can become a stakeholder of a company that is minting good money. These are the indirect ways to invest in Bitcoin profitably. Follow this space for the next part that would cover about investment methods by directly investing in Bitcoin and also saving tax.

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