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Blockchain Support Bill takes wings in US Congress


The US Congress has passed a pioneering resolution in the favor of the crytpocurrencies and blockchain on 12th September. While this would have a positive implication on prices, let’s look into the details of the Bill:

Resolution passed by firm backing:

The US House of Representatives has passed a resolution that  will support the growth of digital currencies and blockchain technology. The non-binding resolution calls for a national technology innovation policy that includes supportive language for digital currencies and blockchain technology.

This resolution was first introduced in July, prompting the US government to craft a national policy for technology. It has specific mentions for digital currencies and blockchain. The bill, written by Illinois Representative Adam Kinzinger, passed by a voice vote from backers late noon on September 12th. The measure is perhaps the most significant to emerge from Congress to date on digital currencies and blockchain tech. The resolution emerged months after the House Committee on Energy and Commerce discussed and proposed the technology. The comments from supporters on the debate floor indicated that there was genuine interest in the issue among House members.

Michael Burgess, a Republican from Texas, said at the hearing:

“There’s no doubt that blockchain innovations are on the cutting edge today.”

What remains is to see whether the next session of Congress, will continue to focus specifically on bitcoin and blockchain.

SEC Delays Decision on SolidX Bitcoin ETF:

The Winklevoss twins are in the same loop with SEC for their ETF
The Winklevoss twins are in the same loop with SEC for their ETF

The deputy secretary of the SEC, Robert W Errett, has pushed back the date to approve SolidX’s request to list a bitcoin ETF on the New York Stock Exchange. Typically, the SEC has 45 days from the time an application is filed in the federal register to approve the measure. The situation closely resembles Winklevoss brother’s Bitcoin Trust on Bats Exchange. The financial regulator has the power to extend the time till 240 days. In line with this, SEC deputy secretary Robert W Errett pushed back the deadline to approve the SolidX bitcoin ETF. The date was shifted from 16th September in the federal register, tentatively for a period of additional 45 days.

Circle Brings Blockchain Payments to iMessage With iOS 10 Update:

Blockchain payments firm Circle has integrated with Apple’s iMessage. This move allows users to send payments in dollars, euro, pound sterling and bitcoin through the popular texting platform. Circle executives said the launch marks the end of preparations that began in June. That was when Apple announced it would open up iMessage to third-party developers.


Android compatibility

The announcement also hinted the benefits of technology standards, in this case, the short message service (SMS). As a result of iMessage’s use of Blockchain, Android users will be able to receive payment requests via the integration.

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