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BitcoinIRA: Investopedia’s Premier Choice for Crypto IRAs

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During challenging economic times and unpredictable markets, investors are always on the lookout for alternative assets to bolster their portfolios. The allure of cryptocurrencies is ever-growing for the savvy investor, given the potential for high returns. Crypto presents an exciting avenue to diversify and benefit from tax advantages if purchased with an IRA.

The realm of cryptocurrencies demands proper know-how, robust security, and a deep understanding of a new digital asset class. Investopedia, a go-to resource for financial and investment guidance, carried out an industry-wide assessment of crypto IRA companies to identify the cream of the crop. The result? BitcoinIRA was selected as the “Best Overall Bitcoin IRA Company” for 2023, achieved through 24/7 self-trading, unrivaled security, and reliable custody insurance.

How BitcoinIRA Rises Above the Competition

Outstanding Digital Asset Security

When it comes to security, no other crypto IRA can match BitcoinIRA’s level of protection. Most of our clients’ digital assets are held using cold storage wallets*, regarded as the most secure method of storing cryptocurrencies. Partnering with BitGo, a leader in cryptocurrency wallet safety, further elevates our security measures. BitGo’s multi-signature technology eliminates single point-of-failure risks, and unique private keys for each cold wallet heighten accountability and security.

Round-The-Clock Crypto Self-Trading

BitcoinIRA delivers flexibility and convenience with 24/7 self-trading access for over 60 cryptocurrencies. Be it from your desktop or our mobile app, the power to grow your investment is always at your fingertips. Importantly, no assets are stored on the platform, giving you peace of mind that your earnings are secure as you continue investing in your future.

Robust Custody Insurance

Security of customer assets is of paramount importance. As such, digital assets stored with BitGo are fortified with industry-leading custody insurance of up to $700 million.* This coverage is provided through Lloyd’s of London, a titan in the global insurance and reinsurance market. BitcoinIRA understands the critical significance of asset protection alongside growth, and our custody insurance was selected with this in mind.

Ready to Invest in Your Future?

If you’re prepared to take the leap and revolutionize your retirement, open an account with us today. Our IRA specialists are always ready to answer your queries and guide you through the process.

For more information on how we keep you safe from bad actors, access our security page. If you’re ready to get started, open an account today. Should you have any questions, call our IRA specialists at (877) 936-7175 or schedule an appointment in advance.

*Security, storage, wallet providers, and insurance may vary based on asset chosen and custody solution available.

Take control of your retirement today.

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Take control of your retirement today.