If you have a retirement fund, you’re ahead of the curve. 40% of Americans have nothing saved at all for retirement, according to the National Institute on Retirement Security. But chances are, you haven’t saved enough.

Research shows that to maintain your standard of living in retirement, you must save 11 times your income or more by age 65. Most Americans don’t meet that figure. Workers across age groups aren’t saving enough. A large cohort of aging baby boomers is straining Medicare and Social Security. The impact of the recession is still being felt. It’s a perfect storm leading America into its next economic quagmire: the retirement crisis.

Retirement isn’t working the way it should. Existing solutions, like employer-based retirement plans, aren’t filling the savings gap – only about half of companies offer them, and many employees don’t take advantage. In 2017, Social Security paid out only $1,360 a month, and Medicare will be depleted by 2028.

We need a better fix. The rise of cryptocurrency comes just in time to offer investors a new option. By adding Bitcoin to a portfolio, investors can avoid many of the pitfalls that come with saving for retirement.

Economic Insecurity Spans Party Lines

According to this 2017 study conducted by the National Institute on Retirement Security (NIRS), Americans across political parties are concerned about the retirement crisis:

  • 78% of Democrats and 76% of Republicans expressed concern about economic conditions surrounding retirement.
  • 88% believe that America faces a retirement crisis.
  • 85% say political leaders don’t understand the difficulties of saving for retirement.

Not only are Americans worried about retirement, they have little confidence in the government’s ability to address the issue. Programs like Social Security and Medicare are not sufficient and will soon run out of money. Private sector pensions have mostly disappeared, and not all public sector jobs offer them.

The retirement crisis affects Americans across age groups and party lines, and it may not be a problem the government can solve. As the NIRS study shows, investors are ready to look elsewhere for economic security.

Bitcoin Investors Take Financial Control

A growing number of investors are looking to Bitcoin for financial security. Since Bitcoin isn’t tied to government policies or other financial assets, it provides a haven from economic and political uncertainty. Millennials, a generational cohort burned by student loan debt and the financial crisis, are already turning to Bitcoin to save for retirement.

Cryptocurrency investments are paying off. The price of Bitcoin rose 1300% in 2017. Blockchain technology, the mechanism behind Bitcoin, is becoming integrated into the operations of major corporations around the world.

It’s clear that Bitcoin provides rates of return and security beyond what traditional assets can offer. Where other types of retirement savings are petering out, Bitcoin is growing. The cryptocurrency’s recent evolution and disruption of industry shows that it will likely drive the future of business, making it a solid bet for long-term investment.

Diversification: Beyond Stocks

Bitcoin lets investors diversify outside existing financial structures. Since cryptocurrency is not tied to other assets, it adds security to retirement savings. Investors can limit exposure to stocks with Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrencies also offer a higher rate of return than traditional assets. Although volatile, they reward patient investors who stick with them for the long term. Bitcoin in particular favors investors who practice a buy-and-hold strategy, which makes it ideal for retirement savings.

Stocks have rebounded since 2008, but the recession put a permanent dent in many portfolios. Some investors took funds out and didn’t enjoy the recent gains. Others developed a distrust of the market and financial institutions. For these investors, cryptocurrency is an excellent way to grow their retirement funds while limiting risk.

A 2017 survey showed that Bitcoin is drawing even with the stock market in terms of investor trust. As blockchain technology goes mainstream, the figures may even out. Investors who diversify with Bitcoin sooner will enjoy the financial rewards well into retirement.


With a retirement crisis looming for Americans of all ages, it’s time to look to the future of finance. Blockchain technology is on the rise. Traditional institutions are fading. Social Security and Medicare are no longer relevant or dependable for retirement funds. Stocks and 401(k)s won’t bring the necessary returns. The economy is evolving, and retirement strategy should evolve with it.

Those of us hoping to retire in the next decade and beyond can prepare by adding cryptocurrency to our portfolios. Bitcoin offers growth, security, and diversification. Investing in Bitcoin can help workers fill the savings gap and enjoy a well-funded retirement.

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