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Ripple Price Prediction

Crypto Price Prediction: Can XRP Hit $3 Price Again?

Ripple’s XRP is a popular cryptocurrency due to its use case, in that the asset allows users to transfer value anywhere in the world with next to no fees or transaction times. XRP is a utility token, but isn’t exactly one designed for investing in and trading like Bitcoin. At least, not at first glance. 

Back in January 2018, XRP was worth just under $4 per coin. Those who invested earlier, when it was at less than $0.50, certainly enjoyed the profits. However, the asset and currently around an impressive price of $0.53 as of November 23, 2020. Many have wondered if the asset will ever recover, and there appears to be some hope. Let’s get into why. 


What Makes Ripple Valuable? 

As mentioned, Ripple’s cross-border technology means XRP is a valuable asset for banks and other financial groups that transact internationally. In fact, considering XRP takes 3-5 seconds to transact compared to the days it takes to verify an international fiat transaction, banks are already using it in place of the traditional SWIFT system. 

2019 was a strong year for Ripple in terms of partnerships. The company united with efforts like global money transfer company MoneyGram, and raised $200 million from groups like SBI Holdings and Tetragon. Groups are vying for its On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) tech that allows for instantaneous transfers. But if all of these companies are invested in Ripple, why is XRP’s price still so low? 

The answer isn’t that the technology isn’t valuable – it’s because of inflation. As of now, XRP has the highest inflation rate of every top cryptocurrency, hitting 20.5% a year. Ripple owns over half of the XRP in existence and sells it off each quarter to pay for advancements. Due to the hundreds of millions of XRP going into the ecosystem every quarter, its value is diluting, similar to how inflation damages the United States dollar value. 

This inflation problem is the most likely reason it’s keeping the value of XRP low, despite its continued use and various new partnerships. However, there’s still a chance for the price to rise, even if it takes a few years. 


Ripple XRP is Still Under $0.55; Can It Hit $3 Again?

Keep in mind that with all of these partnerships and developments, most associates are only testing the use of XRP in their financial systems. Very few are utilizing XRP full time, which means it could be a while before the price goes up due to use case. 

However, one must remember that XRP’s use case is a global one. Eventually, banks and financial institutions worldwide may start to use it, increasing the price as they buy into the network. On top of this, once all of these networks are established, Ripple won’t have to sell as much XRP as it does every quarter, so they won’t be diluting the value as much. 

Of course, this is assuming XRP becomes the international currency of choice for financial institutions. Part of the appeal of Ripple over other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is that it’s stable. There’s less volatility to deal with, making it an ideal way to move money internationally. 

One popular XRP enthusiast and trader, Robert Art, has tweeted a Ripple price prediction in which he says XRP will go above $10 in a matter of time. 

Basically, Art believes in the inherent value of XRP and that as companies take it on, the price may rise in due time. 



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The bitcoin ira platform is shown on a smart phone against a field of orange

Bitcoin IRA Accounts Are Soaring as Bitcoin Passes $18,000

Bitcoin IRA is the world’s first, largest, and most secure digital asset IRA technology platform that allows clients to purchase cryptocurrencies and other digital assets for their retirement accounts. The increase in the price of Bitcoin has benefited individual investors who added cryptocurrencies to their retirement accounts and as a result, are seeing sizable gains in their portfolios relative to other investment assets.


Crypto is the Best Performing Asset Class in 2020 (again)

Bitcoin has passed $18,000 as of November 20, 2020, and is now only 10% away from reaching its 2017 all-time high price, which is around $19,700. Since January 2020, Bitcoin is now up around 158% which far exceeds the S&P 500, up approximately 10%, the Dow which is up around 3%, and the Nasdaq Composite, up approximately 36%. Other leading cryptocurrencies are up even more in 2020 including Ethereum, Chainlink, and XRP, up around 365%, around 751%, and 207% respectively, as of 11/23/2020.

These robust gains are not unusual, as Bitcoin is up over 150% in 2020 and up over 5,000% over the last 5 years (source: TradingView).


Bitcoin IRA’s Clients have seen Dramatic Gains to their Retirement Accounts

Bitcoin IRA clients that purchased Bitcoin, and are still holding onto the assets, have had a positive return for their accounts. If they purchased around the new year of 2019 when Bitcoin was approximately $7,200, their retirement accounts would be up 158%, the same increase in the price of Bitcoin this year.

As a result, Bitcoin IRA has had over $60M in transactions so far in 2020 and $500 million in total transactions since the company started in 2016.


What’s Next for Crypto?

PayPal recently announced they are offering crypto to their 350 million users and 26 million merchants, JP Morgan announced the official launch of their blockchain project, and 80% of all central banks around their world are planning a digital currency.

Bitcoin’s price may grow to $318,000 by the end of 2021, according to a Citibank analyst and a popular crypto researcher, Willy Woo, believes Bitcoin’s bull run is just beginning.


How a Bitcoin IRA Works

Bitcoin IRA allows clients to easily buy, sell, or swap cryptocurrencies and physical gold inside their retirement accounts online 24/7. The company safely stores its client’s assets with a US-based qualified custodian, not overseas, and has over 50,000 account holders with over 2,500 real 5-star reviews. Clients can invest in seven leading assets including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Stellar Lumens (XLM),  Zcash (ZEC), and physical Gold (PG).

Individuals interested in rolling over their IRA or 401(k) to crypto or gold can call 866-333-4307.